WWE ‘Monday Night RAW’ results: Randy Orton’s recent title reign begins tonight.


Hell in a Cell is in the rearview mirror, but WWE will switch to the Survivor series with pay-per-view starting tonight on Monday Night RAW.

The October 26th edition of WWE’s flagship show will see the start of a new top champion and many other effects of Hell in a Cell. Randy Orton defeated Drew McIntyre in a Hell in a Cell to win his 14th WWE Championship.

Orton proved he’s at the top of his game on Sunday, but what will this new reign mean for the rest of Monday Night RAW? Will we see a new challenger in The Fiend or Keith Lee? Will Drew McIntyre get his revenge, or will he get into another feud? The top of Monday Night RAW is on the move, so it will be interesting to see how the WWE deals with this.

The Miz finally got what he wanted, namely the money in the bank briefcase. After a Hell-in-a-Cell game against Otis with the briefcase on the line, the former champion won with the help of a heel trick by Tucker.

Miz is a Monday Night RAW superstar, but will he really want to cash in on Randy Orton or will he keep an eye on who holds the title at the right time? Will we also see Otis and Tucker start their feud on RAW tonight?

Jeff Hardy has to give Elias a run for his money after beating him on Sunday with his own guitar. While Hardy was disqualified for that act, the WWE universe knows that this is just the beginning between the two.

In an impromptu game, US champion Bobby Lashley took out Retribution’s slapjack in a one-on-one battle. What is the next chapter in the feud between The Hurt Business and Retribution?

With next month’s Survivor Series, we’ll probably get more information about what the format will look like. Will we see Monday Night RAW against SmackDown again? Will NXT be involved this year? How will The Undertaker participate? There are many questions, and tonight we might get some answers.

Here is everything that happened in the October 26th episode of Monday Night RAW.

Drew McIntyre Promo
McIntyre starts the night by getting in the ring. He says that he lacks the words, but he promises that he will be WWE champion once again.
He says it’s not how hard you get hit, but how you get up and move forward.
The Miz interrupts and goes into the ring with John Morrison. Drew says he drops them both where they stand. Morrison says Drew had an impressive reign with Miz that is almost as impressive as a two-time MITB winner.
Miz says Drew doesn’t have to worry about facing Randy Orton because he has the briefcase. Miz brings up how he cashed against Orton 10 years ago, and Drew should be grateful that McIntyre doesn’t have the title because he would have been cashed.
Morrison says he just hopes it won’t be 19 years before Drew gets the title back. McIntyre head-butt Miz and throws Morrison around.
McIntyre bets Future Shock DDT against Morrison, but Miz Kotelett blocks him and helps Morrison get away. McIntyre smashes Miz’s glasses and says he has an idea for management regarding Miz and Morrison.

Simply put: @DMcIntyreWWE is NOT interested in what @TheRealMorrison and Mr. #MITB @mikethemiz have to say on #WWWERaw! pic.twitter.com/1T5Ruh3ZQl.

– WWE (@WWE) October 27, 2020

Announcement of the Survivor Series
Commentary announces a series of qualifying games to determine the RAW team.
Matt Riddle will play Sheamus, AJ Styles will play Jeff Hardy, Elias will play Keith Lee.
AJ Styles (with his bodyguard) against Jeff Hardy – Survivor Series Qualifier
Before the game Styles goes to the microphone and says that Monday Night RAW missed him.
He says he should not play this game because he should already be on the team. In fact he should be the captain of the team RAW. He says that if Jeff Hardy tries to do what he did to him, what he did to Elias on Sunday, his colleague will have a few words with him.
Styles wins by pinfall after a phenomenal forearm.
After the game Elias hits Hardy in the back with his guitar.
R-Truth interview
Backstage, the truth about Gulak, Tozawa and the Lucha House Party is asked after his 24/7 championship. The truth says he’s not worried because they’re in a tag-team game tonight and his middle name is dangerous because that’s how he lives.
Drew Gulak and Akira Tozawa against the Lucha House Party
During the fight the truth goes into the ring, and everyone in the fight tries to nail down the truth.
In the


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