WWE ‘Monday Night RAW’ results: Can Lana defeat Asuka in the RAW Women’s Championship?


At the last Monday Night RAW before the pay-per-view “Hell in a Cell” this Sunday, there will be a title fight and more for the current feuds as WWE moves into the final months of 2020.

In today’s episode, Lana, who won last week’s royal battle to determine RAW Women’s Champion Asuka’s next opponent, will now challenge the “Empress of Tomorrow” in her first title chance in WWE.

Can Lana shock the WWE universe and defeat Asuka, or will the match end as quickly as her chance has come?

Braun Strowman has been replaced by “Friday Night SmackDown” and his first game on Monday Night RAW will be against Keith Lee. The last two times these two giants had a match, it ended in a “no contest” when both superstars threw themselves off the stage. Who will come to the top and be the “monster” of RAW?

Elias surprisingly returned last week and attacked Jeff Hardy. The troubadour believes that Hardy is the one who hit him with his car and put Elias on the shelf for weeks. Tonight Elias will give a concert to celebrate his return to Monday Night RAW.

Bray Wyatt will bring the Firefly Fun House to Monday Night RAW tonight. After he and Alexa Bliss took out Andrade and Zelina Vega last week, what will the duo have up their sleeve for the RAW tonight? And will we see “The Fiend” attack again?

In the last few weeks there have been rickshaw fights in Monday Night RAW, and The Hurt Business will try to get back at them tonight in an eight-man day match. Can MVP and the others get a win over Mustafa Ali and his group or will Retribution claim to be the top of the RAW?

WWE champion Drew McIntyre and Randy Orton were at each other’s throats for weeks before their Hell in a Cell match on Sunday. The go-home show is all about what will happen to the two opponents and whether both men will be at 100 percent by Sunday.

Here is everything that happened in the episode Monday Night RAW from October 19.

Opening segment
Alexa Bliss begins the evening in the middle of the ring and laughingly announces that “he is here”.
The lights go out and The Devil enters with Alexa Bliss’ hands, but they are interrupted by retribution and Mustafa Ali. They surround the devil and Bliss in the ring as the lights go out. You can hear Ali telling his group to “get them,” but when the lights come back on, the devil and Bliss are gone.
Then The Hurt Business comes out and there is a brawl in the ring. The Hurt Business ends the segment by throwing retaliation out of the ring.

Did #RETRIBUTION really just interrupt #TheFiend and @AlexaBliss_WWE at #WWWERaw?! ð²ð²ð² pic.twitter.com/xqTr1FTN82

– WWE (@WWE) October 20, 2020

The injured company vs. retaliation
Bobby Lashley submits T-Barr with the Hurt Lock.
Immediately after the end of the game, “The Fiend” appears next to Mustafa Ali on the ring apron and begins to retaliate.
He brings Ali into the ring and T-Barr tries to stop him, but “The Fiend” hits him with the lower jaw claw and sister Abigail.
AJ Styles against Matt Riddle
Styles comes out with Jordan Omogbehin.
Styles sits down at the microphone before the game and says that Monday Night RAW made the right decision to push him. He says that Seth Rollins threw propaganda at Rollins on his way out and he suspects that it was Jeff Hardy who made Rollins feel like he could come into the promised land, but he is the prodigal son and he will make RAW phenomenal.
Matt Riddle comes out and gets ready to fight. Jordan does not come out of the ring and the referee instructs AJ Styles to tell him to leave the ring or he will be disqualified. Jordan refuses and stops the referee’s count until five. The referee politely asks Jordan to leave the ring, which he eventually does.
Styles Pins Riddle after a Styles Clash.
The finish was prepared when Omogbehin hits Riddle in the face from the outside and makes a fist, rolling Riddle in and preparing for the Styles Clash.
Drew McIntyre Interview
Backstage, Drew is questioned about his inexperience in hell in a cell play. McIntyre takes the microphone and tells Orton that he is the most dangerous and justified superstar of the WWE. He admits that Orton is intelligent, because when he beat him in the ambulance match it should have been like that, but he knew that hotness got under his skin and made him accept another game.
He says that being in a cell in hell would give Orton a massive advantage over everyone else, but since he was on Drew


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