With overcrowded servers, the ‘Battlefield 4′ revival is in full swing.


With overcrowded servers, the ‘Battlefield 4′ revival is in full swing.

The excitement around “Battlefield 2042’s” return to a modern (though future) era has enraged “Battlefield 4” fans all over the world, leading many of the game’s once-dead servers to resurrect with far too many players to handle.

After the debut of “Battlefield 2042” at E3 2021 in June, player interest in “Battlefield 4” skyrocketed. Players returned to the online modern military shooter in droves, prompting Electronic Arts to add more servers to the US West area to meet the surge in demand. During peak hours, however, a brief peek at Battlelog’s server browser revealed that the remainder of the game’s regions are experiencing a similar surge in interest.

Many players were caught in long 20-player lineups on servers spanning the United States, Europe, and Asia, leaving new server guests with little choice except to play on the losing team.

On Steamcharts, “Battlefield 4” witnessed a considerable increase in PC player counts. In the last 30 days, the game’s average player count has risen from 1,514 in May to 6,458, with the peak player count soaring from 3,408 to a mind-boggling 11,714. This does not include users who are using Origin to play the game or those who are using consoles.

Website for tracking statistics BF4DB counts all active players and servers in the game, yielding substantially higher population figures than Steam-only websites. According to BF4DB, “Battlefield 4” has over 11,000 concurrent players across all areas as of this writing, with about 7,000 gamers from the United States adding to the census.

For a 7-year-old online FPS, reaching this number of gamers is a remarkable achievement. Both of the game’s sequels have seen robust player counts, with “BF1” reaching a high of 15,864 in the last 30 days and “BFV” surpassing 30,000.

The various official and homemade servers of “Battlefield 4” are currently jumping on by new and old gamers alike. Given the game’s emphasis on duration and replayability, it’s likely that the game will see a constant trickle of new players until “Battlefield 2042” is released later this year.


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