With over 190,000 players on Steam, the closed beta for ‘New World’ has begun.


With over 190,000 players on Steam, the closed beta for ‘New World’ has begun.

The long-awaited closed beta for Amazon Games’ “New World” has finally arrived, and it was greeted by a tremendous influx of enthusiastic players, with a peak player count of 190,000 on the first day.

SteamDB’s “New World” page revealed the player population. As of writing, the game’s all-time top player count was 190,811, with about 120,000 concurrent players online. This is a big accomplishment for Amazon Games, as “New World” had a tumultuous development cycle.

The game’s Twitch viewership also soared to new heights, with over 650,000 people tuning in to see broadcasters play the game’s closed beta for the first time. In terms of popularity, the game easily outperformed other popular games on the platform like “Fortnite” and “Call of Duty: Warzone,” with nearly double the amount of spectators.

However, the game’s enormous number of beta testers caused traffic congestion. On the r/newworldgame subreddit, players complained about unusually long queue times, which were particularly severe in South America, where queues may run up to four days.

So far, “New World” appears to be receiving favorable reviews. The game’s combat system was commended by players for departing from the traditional tab-target technique of games like “World Of Warcraft” in favor of an action-based system similar to “Dark Souls.”

The game has a stamina bar system for attacking, and players can use a shield to mitigate damage or dodge-roll to entirely avoid it. Whether it’s a support-based healer, a ranged musketeer, or a melee damage-dealer with two-handed weapons, the huge variety of weaponry available to players provides lots of options that cater to specific playstyles.

Others, on the other hand, complained that the lack of impact feedback and stagger animations makes battle feel floaty.

The game has also been plagued by serious technical faults, according to several gamers. Players reported that “New World” was putting a lot of strain on their GPUs, causing temperatures to rise and framerate to plummet. While waiting in the game’s queue, several players complained that their EVGA 3090 GPUs were bricked.

The closed beta for “New World” will run until Aug. 2, with the final 1.0 release set for Aug. 31.


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