Where Can I Get ‘Battlefield 1′ And ‘Battlefield 5′ For Free?


Where Can I Get ‘Battlefield 1′ And ‘Battlefield 5′ For Free?

The multiplayer shooter “Battlefield 1” is presently free for Prime Gaming customers (Amazon’s monthly gaming subscription). This is the second core “Battlefield” game to be made available for free on the service, following “Battlefield 4” last month.

This announcement backs up previous rumors that “Battlefield 1” could be given away for free to a select group of players. Prime Gaming users will have until August 4 to get their free code for the game, which they can then redeem on Origin, EA’s exclusive game shop and launcher.

Fans will be pleased to learn that “Battlefield 5” will be available on Prime Gaming on August 2. With any luck, these promotions will help to boost player counts for both games on PC and build anticipation for “Battlefield 2042,” which is planned to arrive this October.

Players should be aware that Prime Gaming’s free “Battlefield 1” and “Battlefield 5” games are the regular editions of the games. The free gift will not include DLC content such as new maps or weaponry.

This implies that basic edition gamers will be unable to access the game’s four main DLCs, thereby locking them out of a significant amount of the game’s content. However, this has less of an impact in the case of “Battlefield 5,” as the majority of the game’s supplementary material was given away for free by the developers shortly before they stopped making the game.

Additionally, users will be deprived of the perks of the game’s Premium Editions. They will also miss out on exclusive Premium perks such as better server queue priority and unique cosmetic items like as melee weapons and dog tags, in addition to not receiving any DLCs.

To get these bonuses, gamers must first join up for an Amazon Prime Gaming subscription through the company’s official website. Prime users have access to all of the service’s free games as well as other perks and bonuses, such as in-game goodies, boosts, Prime status on Twitch, and all of Amazon Prime’s rewards and benefits.


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