Where and how to get an Xbox Series X/S on the day of its launch.


The Xbox Series X and the more economical Series S are expected to hit the market on Tuesday, November 10th, but if you haven’t been able to pre-order this next-generation console, you might run into problems on the day of launch.

As with the PlayStation 5 launch, which comes just days later, most retailers will not make the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S available online until the day of launch. This means that players will need to have their refresh fingers ready to try and get their console online.

Here are the major retailers in the U.S. and their plans for the Xbox Series X/S on the day of launch.


Wal-Mart quickly announced that no Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S consoles would be sold on November 10. The retailer announced on its various social media accounts that players can try to purchase their console on its website from 12 noon EST.

Keep checking Wal-Mart’s Xbox Series X section when orders go live.


GameStop has not yet given any indication of how it will handle orders for the Xbox series X/S on the day of launch.

Washington Newsday has reached out its hand and will inform itself as soon as more information becomes available.

You’ll want to check out the Xbox Series X section of the website when orders go live.


Best Buy has provided players on its website with an insight into what they can expect from the day of launch. In the company blog, Best Buy confirms that it will not sell the Xbox X/S consoles of the Xbox series in-store on November 10th and that players will have to buy them online.

“If you haven’t pre-ordered a new console, you may still be able to get your hands on one – but only through BestBuy.com. Although our stores will not be offering devices for sale on the day of launch or during the vacation season, you should keep an eye on BestBuy.com where they will be available for purchase once we have them available. (This means that you don’t have to camp out at your local store, but can simply return to BestBuy.com without leaving the house)

“And with online ordering, you can still get your new console the way you want it, whether by picking it up at the store or contactlessly by the side of the road.

Washington Newsday has asked for specific times and will update this information as it is given.

To find out when the consoles will go live, check out the Xbox Series X section of Best Buy.


Target has not explicitly made it clear that it will not be selling the Xbox Series X/S in stores on November 10, but its official website states that the console “will only be available with contactless Drive Up or Order Pickup”.

This probably means that a contingent of units will be available for online ordering on Tuesday. Please also check the X/S section of Target’s Xbox series to find out when the consoles will be available for purchase.

What is your game plan for ordering the Xbox Series X/S on the day of launch? Let us know in the Comments section.


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