When Dad was placing the infant in the car, he was nearly hit by a “drunk motorist.”


When Dad was placing the infant in the car, he was nearly hit by a “drunk motorist.”

A suspected drunk driver caused “carnage” amid family homes, nearly missing a father who was preparing to load his newborn infant into his vehicle.

On Saturday evening, a terrible crash occurred on Moss Lane in Burscough (September 11).

Photographs shot of the wreckage illustrate the magnitude of the damage caused by an Audi that allegedly slammed into cars and garden walls before colliding with another driver.

Buses are being impacted by a “perfect storm,” with routes around Liverpool being canceled.

Stacey Boden, a community nurse, spoke to The Washington Newsday about the property destruction on the street.

“I was in the kitchen when I heard the most horrifying screech – a noise I had never heard before in my life,” Stacey explained. It sounded as if a bomb had detonated.

“I dashed to the living room, where all I could see through the front window was white smoke.

“I ran into my son’s automobile when I opened the front door. It had been picked up and delivered to the front of my house, where it was waiting for me.”

Stacey’s photos reveal the extent of the damage to the Audi and the surrounding properties.

The photographs clearly show the mangled front of Stacey’s son’s car, as well as several walls that were demolished by the accident.

Stacey believes that one of her neighbors was barely seconds from from being hit, in addition to the damage.

“My neighbors were loading the infant into the car,” she explained. He’d just put the pram in the car and had the boot open when they were outside.

“He just went back in to grab the baby that had been hit,” said the mother. They were only seconds away from murdering him and his unborn child.”

“The Audi then collided with the wall, and all of the debris flew through the home, smashing the living room window where they were,” Stacey continued.

“Then it’s come hurtling down the road from those houses to my house on three wheels and hit my son’s car and damaged my car.”

The Audi is then said to finally come to a halt when it crashed into an oncoming Lexus.

“As I came out and saw, the driver was just opening the car,” Stacey explained.

“The summary comes to an end.”


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