Week 5: ‘Fortnite’ Off-Road Tire Locations and Vehicle Modifications


Week 5: ‘Fortnite’ Off-Road Tire Locations and Vehicle Modifications

Week 5 Challenges are now live, and the most perplexing of them all requires players to change vehicles with Off-Road Tires. We’ll show you where to find Off-Road Tires in Fortnite and how to use them to upgrade any vehicle on the map in this guide. The latest feature was introduced in Tuesday’s update 16.20, and now we’ll teach you how to use it.

Off-Road Tires in Fortnite: Battle Royale

Chonker’s Customs is the best place to get Off-Road Tires in Fortnite. It’s a new garage attraction at Catty Corner, right next to the gas station. On our mini-map, this is the location:

There’s a collection of Off-Road Tires that always spawns inside the building if you get there quickly enough.

You’ll get one Off-Road Vehicle Tire mod if you destroy this tire show with your Pickaxe. Additional Off-Road Tires can be found as floor loot around the back of the establishment if the stand has already been demolished. Off-Road Tires are likely, but not guaranteed, to spawn near most Gas Stations or Garages if Catty Corner fails you.

At Sweaty Sands, there’s a Gas Station with a tire spawn:

At Holly Hedges, we also discovered another viable alternative. Simply go from gas station to gas station and you should be able to locate the tires you’re looking for.

How to mod vehicles in Fortnite

Once you’ve got at least one Off-Road Tires mod in your inventory, you can toss it on any drivable vehicle you might encounter. And, since you likely already had to go to a Gas Station or garage to get the Off-Road Tires, there shouldn’t be a vehicle too far behind. Just equip the item, and you’ll be able to throw it onto a vehicle like so.

Once the vehicle has been upgraded, you’ll see that it’s clearly more prepared to handle some off-road adventures with your Squad.

Modding a vehicle sounds like a new feature that might be difficult to use, but it’s actually deceptively easy compared to Season 6’s somewhat convoluted crafted system. That’s all you need to know about Off-Road Tire mods in Fortnite.

Fortnite Week 5 Challenges

Modifying vehicles with Off-Road Tires accounts for just one of eight new challenges going. This is a brief summary.


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