Veteran Difficulty Survival Guide for ‘Back 4 Blood’


Veteran Difficulty Survival Guide for ‘Back 4 Blood’

To say the least, the difficulty bump between Recruit and Veteran difficulties in “Back 4 Blood” is startling. It’s normal for many players to feel overwhelmed and fatigued after just a few minutes of their first Veteran playthrough.

When it comes to difficulty, “Back 4 Blood” is a little more complex than “Left 4 Dead.” Aside from basic knowledge and mechanical aptitude, there are a slew of other criteria to consider. Knowing these details can help a team survive on the game’s harder levels, and players who want to push themselves to their limits will want to know what to avoid during their runs.

Here’s a list of tips and strategies to assist players survive the Veteran challenge in “Back 4 Blood.”

Build and plan card decks

The unique card system in “Back 4 Blood” is chock-full of useful perks that can increase a player’s attributes, ranging from simple HP and stamina boosts to more distinctive effects that can define entire playstyles.

Players should aim to construct their card decks around the roles they desire to play. Concentrating a card deck to support a certain function can help players be more effective in the game’s higher difficulties, particularly when each player is built to compensate for the deficiencies of others.

First, unlock the cards.

Veteran difficulty can be made easier by grinding for other cards in Recruit difficulty. This goes hand in hand with the first suggestion, as some of the better cards are typically hidden below the Supply Line track’s later phases.

The Importance of Positioning

Always aim to put yourself in a position that the Ridden will have a hard time getting there, whether it’s elevated regions, choke points, or other similar spots. If such powerful locations aren’t available, attempt to have a wall to protect the team’s backs and flanks.

Communicate and coordinate

Because the gameplay in “Back 4 Blood” is so random, players will have to adjust on the fly. Always keep the team informed about weapon loadouts, copper requirements, attachments, and other important details.

Look for flaws.

Each of the special Ridden has a weakspot on their bodies that players should try to target. These opponents have absurdly high health, which may be mostly nullified by shooting at the red glowing patches.

Sniper rifles, particularly the Phoenix 350L, may inflict enormous damage on weakspots. To make dealing with special zombies even easier, combine this with weakspot-related bonuses.


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