Town Hall 14 Sneak Peek 4 reveals Hero Pets in “Clash of Clans”


Town Hall 14 Sneak Peek 4 reveals Hero Pets in “Clash of Clans”

The Clash of Clans Town Hall 14 Sneak Peeks keep coming, courtesy of Supercell, the app’s makers.

Saturday’s feature includes the launch of Hero Pets, which follows Friday’s Builder-centric unveiling. The game’s most formidable warriors will soon be gaining some much-needed backup at high levels, thanks to four new creatures to choose from. The news was announced in a brief clip that was released on Saturday morning.

Hero Pets spawn from a new Town Hall 14 building called the Pet House, which may be upgraded to level 4 as shown in the minute-long video. Players can designate up to four different pets to their Barbarian King, Archer Queen, Grand Warden, or Royal Champion once they’ve arrived. Each pet has its own level development and unique abilities, just like the super-powered troops they serve. Each pet has ten levels that boost its efficacy, for a total of 40 levels for pets in a fully equipped Pet House. Here’s a quick rundown of what each Hero Pet can do.

[Unlocks at level 1] L.A.S.S.I. : This Hero Pet resembles a dog and has excellent jumping abilities. It’s best for mounting a powerful ground assault while your Archer Queen or Grand Warden works her spell from afar.

Electro Owl [Unlocks at level 2]: Like its cousin, the Electro Dragon, the Electro Owl provides high-voltage electricity support from the air. This winged beast excels at forming lightning chains. As a Barbarian King deals massive damage on the ground, the Electro Owl can cause problems from above.

Mighty Yak [Unlocks at level 3]: If jumping over defenses with L.A.S.S.I. isn’t your style, Mighty Yak is designed for busting down walls instead. This ability seems to best compliment ranged Heroes like the Archer Queen and Grand Warden.

Unicorn [Unlocks at level 4]: The fourth Hero Pet on the list is the Unicorn, which is tailored to healing your Heroes. It shoots beams from its horn that restore HP.

While we’ve offered a few example scenarios in which these Hero Pets might be most helpful, it’s worth clarifying that any Hero Pet can be attached to any Hero depending on your strategy. And, because Hero Pets are a Town Hall 14 exclusive, it. This is a brief summary.


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