Tiktok: US court suspends provisional Download stop.


A US court in Washington suspends the download prohibition of Tiktok planned for Monday. The complete shutdown threatening to 12 November remains unaffected by this.

The popular video app Tiktok gets more time to secure its future in the USA undisturbed. A court in Washington suspended the download stop with a temporary injunction, which the users would have felt on Monday. At the same time, however, the judge on Sunday rejected Tiktok’s application to take action against the threat of a complete shutdown of the app in the USA on November 12.

According to the order of the US Department of Commerce, Tiktok was to disappear from the App Store of Apple and Google in the USA on Monday. Users who already have the app on their smartphones would then be able to access Tiktok in the same way as before. But they would no longer be able to download the app again. A few days ago, Tiktok had applied for a temporary injunction against the actions of the Ministry of Commerce, arguing among other things that the damage caused by the download stop could not be made good.

Tiktok belongs to the Chinese company Bytedance. U.S. President Donald Trump had called the app a security risk because Chinese authorities could obtain data from U.S. citizens via the app. With two orders he laid the foundation for the removal of the app in the USA. As of November 12th, Bytedance is no longer allowed to hold data of US users or operate any infrastructure in the USA. Tiktok and Bytedance argued in vain that data of US users would be stored in the USA and not go to China.

The situation around Tiktok is unclear. Trump had already announced that he had approved a deal in principle to ensure the continued existence of Tiktok in the USA through the entry of the American companies Oracle and Walmart. But since then there have been contradictory statements about whether the new US partners or Bytedance should hold the majority of the global Tiktok business – and the conclusion of a final deal has been delayed more and more.



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