This week marks the start of the second Elite Spec Beta for Guild Wars 2: End Of Dragons.


This week marks the start of the second Elite Spec Beta for Guild Wars 2: End Of Dragons.

Following ArenaNet’s devstream, which demonstrated each new spec in “Guild Wars 2,” the current set of elite specializations will be available for beta testing this week.

The second trio of playable specialties will be available to all “Guild Wars 2” players, regardless of whether or not they pre-ordered “End of Dragons,” just like the previous test week. This beta test will run from Tuesday to Saturday, with specific character spaces for each participant to create their new trial characters.

The Vindicator, Bladesworn, and Catalyst will be playable elite specifications this week. For those who missed the devstream, here’s a quick rundown of each.


These Revenants summon the Canthan champions Archemorus and Saint Viktor to wipe out opponents with the Mists’ merciless might. Vindicators can deliver damage to large groups of opponents while inflicting the Vulnerable and Chill debuffs with a greatsword in hand.

Vindicators have a set of mobility talents that make them more agile than other Revenant specialities. They can also summon Archemorus’ spirit to toss spears at opponents or Saint Viktor to heal surrounding allies at the expense of their own health.


The Bladesworn are a new type of Warrior who wield the Gunsaber, a two-handed sword with a firearm that can unleash deadly damage in a single blow, thanks to advancements in Canthan technology and battle skills.

The Bladesworn focuses on ammo management and the new Dragon Trigger class function, which puts the Warrior in a Samurai-style Iai stance that may be followed up with a variety of techniques.


This new Elementalist specialization gives them access to a host of new Hammer skills that they can use from close range or from a distance, depending on their elemental attunement. Catalysts can use their Jade Spheres to harness the power of astral animals into wells of power.

Catalysts may annihilate adversaries with massive barrages of elemental power while also providing bonuses and constant access to finisher combinations to their party members. Elementalists benefit from this specialization since it gives them good defensive and mobility options, allowing them to stay in the fight for longer.


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