This Character Will Appear In Upcoming In-Game Festival, According To A Massive ‘Genshin Impact’ Leak.


This Character Will Appear In Upcoming In-Game Festival, According To A Massive ‘Genshin Impact’ Leak.

A few days ago, a sequence from the alleged Moonchase Festival in “Genshin Impact” leaked online, revealing some new faces, one of whom resembles characters from the popular game “Honkai Impact 3rd.”

A reliable industry insider who goes by the handle Dimbreath published a screenshot of a new female character on Twitter last week, just days before miHoYo began its crackdown on dataminers and leakers. The image was apparently taken from the rumored “Genshin Impact” Story Cutscene, which will be revealed at the next Moonchase Festival in-game event.

Following Dimbreath’s tweet, UBatcha, another source, disclosed that the female character in the screenshot is Yelan. Following the stolen screenshot, an industry source known as Yae Gaming posted what appears to be the full video of the Moonchase Festival cutscene, which includes not only Yelan but also another character named Yunjin. In the “Genshin Impact” universe, Yelan is a brand-new character.

Yelan’s remarkable similarity to Fu Hua of “Honkai Impact 3rd” drew the attention of fans. Yelan’s origins has yet to be explored, however it appears that she is connected to the Moonchase Festival.

Yelan appears to be a Hydro character who wields a Polearm, based on the leaked video and screenshot. She is dressed in a way that is reminiscent of the Guhua clan. Yunjin is the other figure who appeared in the Moonchase Festival cutscene.

Earlier this year, she was discovered alongside Kazuha, Hu Tao, and Yaoyao as part of a data mining project. She stands behind the other characters in the leaked video, which many fans took as an indication that she would not be released as a playable character.

But it’s too early to draw any conclusions because miHoYo is infamous for dropping massive shocks at the most inopportune times. Yunjin was once thought to be a Geo user, but admirers believe she is an Anemo figure.

It’s vital to keep in mind that these photos of Yelan and Yunjin are unofficial leaks. There’s no way of knowing if these characters will be playable in “Genshin Impact” anytime soon.

As a result, fans should temper their expectations and treat this new information with caution. The PC, PS4, PS5, Android, and iOS versions of “Genshin Impact” are now available.


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