These practical family cars and must-have vehicles keep your trips stress-free.


From long trips to the coast to exploring the UK countryside, Chapelhouse’s new MG range offers much more than the sporty looks for which the car manufacturer was once famous.

The fact that public transport is only recommended for essential journeys has also made it clear how important it can be to have a comfortable and reliable set of wheels for getting around.

The practical new MG range of vehicles is available in all four Chapelhouse showrooms in the northwest of the country.

The models allow you to easily pack the car, pack the family and go on a pleasant and stress-free journey with these must-have car models.

The new models include the MG3 hatchback with excellent value for money and the three new SUVs, which include the MG ZS, the MG HS and the electric MG ZS EV.

But the days when we had to pack our favorite CDs are long gone – smart touch screen displays, in-car entertainment and mobile connectivity mean we can stream our favorite music directly from dedicated playlists.

When you go on a long journey, music is everything. Whether it’s about breaking through the monotonous A-roads or just passing the time, everyone loves to sing along to some classic tunes in the car.

In fact, all four MG models available from Chapelhouse are equipped with a color touch screen system.

The MG ZS Excite is equipped with an 8-inch color touch screen and DAB audio, while the Exclusive model also has a 6-speaker audio system with 3D sound.

Who remembers the days when all you needed was a coloring book and a few pens to entertain the kids on a long journey?

Not any more today – technology has prevailed.

So for a stress-free trip, you want easily accessible charging points, and that’s exactly what you get with the technology and connectivity that is at the heart of all new MG HS.

But we all know that the battery life of our devices may not be long enough to survive a long journey, especially when watching videos and playing games.

If you are picked up from school during the week and taken to your friends on weekends, you as a parent will have your mouth open on numerous occasions if you are a parent.

And let’s face it, you’ll probably do this much more often so that you can avoid public transportation….


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