The Teaser For ‘Abandoned’ Suggests It’s A ‘Metal Gear Solid’ Game: Report


The Teaser For ‘Abandoned’ Suggests It’s A ‘Metal Gear Solid’ Game: Report

On Tuesday, Blue Box Game Studios released a new teaser for its upcoming PS5 game “Abandoned,” prompting fans to assume that the game is a “Metal Gear Solid” title.

Anton Loginov, a Russian gaming journalist and industry insider, is one of them. According to him, Blue Box Game Studios’ next PS5 title is a new installment in Hideo Kojima’s “Metal Gear” series. The accusation came after the developer asked fans whether they were ready in a tweet that included a photo of the game’s title and a blurred image in the backdrop.

“Are you all set? “We are!” stated the tweet.

The image shows a character wearing an eye patch, which appears to be a reference to Big Boss from the “Metal Gear” series. According to the Russian insider, “Abandoned” is actually “Metal Gear Solid 6.” He further claimed that Konamo is now working on the sequel and that Kojima’s marketing technique was purposefully copied.

Konami could also be prepared to launch a remake, according to the insider. Because of the disclosures he informed fans about impending releases, Loginov has established a name in the industry. Before the formal announcements, he leaked information on the PC ports of “Death Stranding” and “Horizon Zero Dawn.” He also previously stated that “Bloodborne Remaster” could be released for PC and PS5 in the near future.

Blue Box Game Studios has denied any ties to Hideo Kojima on numerous occasions. However, it appears that this was unable to keep fans from formulating speculations and speculating about “Abandoned” and Kojima. While the chances of the impending PS5 project being a Kojima title are small, Blue Box Game Studios’ frequent links with Hideo Kojima are becoming increasingly fascinating.

Fans can now pre-load the “Abandoned Realtime Experience” after seeing the latest “Abandoned” teaser.

Fans should not expect much more until August 10, as it will not go live until then.

“Abandoned” is a survival horror game currently in development at Blue Box Game Studios, with Sony Interactive Entertainment set to publish it. The forthcoming game will be released on PlayStation 5 and Microsoft Windows.


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