The Sims 5 Could Be Announced At EA Play Live 2021: Here’s Why


The Sims 5 Could Be Announced At EA Play Live 2021: Here’s Why

Many excited “The Sims 5” fans believe the game will be announced soon, and it appears that their predictions are more than just wishful thinking.

On Thursday, Electronic Arts (EA) and Maxis will unveil the final roadmap for “The Sims 4” Summer of Sims content, named “Cottage Living.”

No other matter has been hinted or launched since the stuff for the current game installment was revealed.

According to The Gamer, senior producer Michael Duke claimed after the release of “Discover University” that the team felt “loose” because they had covered the majority of the greatest hits.

Seasons, Pets, and University are among the most popular DLC themes, according to the executive. Eco-friendly lifestyle, winter sports, farming, and rural life have all been popular among the players. Spas, exploring, occults, and restaurants were among the game’s many game pack themes.

With its many DLC themes, it looks that the game has covered all aspects of life and living through its post-launch support, implying that it is nearly finished. With this, it’s safe to assume that fresh material for “The Sims 4” will either arrive or not. At the forthcoming EA Play Live, EA could reveal anything regarding the current game, but it could also be about “The Sims 5,” according to The Gamer.

Furthermore, “The Sims” has been a part of the video game business for more than two decades. It has launched four major titles and countless spin-off games throughout that period. While the time between “The Sims” games is usually between four and five years, “The Sims 4” is now reaching its seventh year, and EA has yet to announce the next game installment.

It’s safe to presume the game developer and publishers are close to announcing the next major “The Sims” game. And the greatest place to make the announcement of “The Sims 5” is at a large EA event like EA Play Live. Major facts concerning “Battlefield 2042,” “Apex Legends,” and “Lost in Random” were previously revealed to be unveiled at the event.

The EA Play Live event, according to EA marketing executive David Tinson, would focus on “games that are coming out soon rather than in the not-too-distant future.” “A handful of other games to spotlight as well,” he added, “but you’ll just have to wait and see.”

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