The Producer of ‘Final Fantasy 14’ Addresses Server Congestion and Population Issues


The Producer of ‘Final Fantasy 14’ Addresses Server Congestion and Population Issues

Players of “Final Fantasy 14” will have to wait for a solid solution to the game’s server congestion issues.

Naoki Yoshida, the producer and director of “Final Fantasy 14,” addressed the community’s growing concern about the game’s heavily-congested servers and other issues related to the overpopulation caused by the game’s sudden rise in popularity in a blog post, saying that players can expect band-aid solutions in the meantime while they work on upgrading their infrastructure.

Yoshida mentioned the enormous increase in “Final Fantasy 14” playerbase across all regions, blaming the surge on the upcoming “Endwalker” expansion.

He claimed that since the player numbers soared, all “Final Fantasy 14” servers have been under increased strain, particularly those in North America and Europe, which have buckled under the strain.

Recently, players have had difficulty joining servers and establishing new characters. Yoshida stated that they would boost the maximum number of simultaneous log-ins in the North American and European data centers by a total of 18,000 or 750 per world server to reduce long queue times.

However, he highlighted that this change will affect just North American servers for the time being, as improvements to Europe-based data centers are still in the works.

Regarding character creation issues, Yoshida respectfully requested that players refrain from generating new characters during peak game hours.

Due to the present circumstances, Square Enix will implement the automatic logout feature that was initially slated to be included with “Endwalker.” Players who have been inactive for an extended length of time will be immediately logged out to create place for others who are waiting in line.

More world servers and data centers are on the way, although Yoshida cautioned that they may take some time to arrive. He stated that they had planned to improve their server infrastructure after patch 6.0 was published, but that their plans had to be re-evaluated due to the current circumstances.

According to Yoshida, the new Oceania servers are nearing completion, and the company plans to raise worldwide server counts as quickly as feasible. However, delays caused by COVID-19-related travel restrictions and a global semiconductor shortage have slowed their development significantly.


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