The Post-Launch Plans for ‘Battlefield 2042′ Could Be The Series’ Best Yet


The Post-Launch Plans for ‘Battlefield 2042′ Could Be The Series’ Best Yet

According to fresh speculations, DICE and EA will introduce a season pass for “Battlefield 2042” that would work differently from previous ones in the franchise. Rather than just offering players access to expansions, the season pass for “2042” will include a wide range of content, both paid and free.

According to Dualshockers, the season pass for “Battlefield 2042” will be the largest in the franchise’s history, since the developers decided to support the game more actively by adding content on a monthly basis.

New material in past “Battlefield” games was typically hidden behind costly DLC that included new weaponry and maps, dividing the playerbase. This, however, is expected to alter when “Battlefield 2042” is released in October.

According to industry insider Tom Henderson, “Battlefield 2042” will receive new material for each season, a step that many of the game’s competitors, such as “Call of Duty,” are already doing.

The transition from a DLC-focused approach to a battle pass-style structure, combined with the extreme modularity of the new Portal mode, might make “Battlefield 2042” the best entry in the franchise in terms of pure content breadth.

Because most of the game mode’s content relies around updated maps and weapons, Portal mode effectively allows DICE to resurrect and reinvigorate the previous “Battlefield” games and bring them into a modern engine. More crucially, Portal mode will allow players to travel through the “Battlefield” franchise’s past periods, providing them with an unprecedented level of variety in a single game.

Of course, returning to previous games allows EA and DICE to monetise “Battlefield 2042” in a way that meets both their audience’s and their own demands. Electronic Arts’ reputation has been tainted in recent years due to its aggressive monetization attempts, which have frequently resulted in undesirable outcomes.

Significant portions of “Battlefield 2042’s” seasonal content will be free for all players, implying that servers would not be segregated between those who own DLC content and those who merely own the main game, as in past installments in the series.


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