The Pathless’ Review – Let Spirit Vision guide you to restore the light


Giant Squid (the team behind ABZÛ) has created a breathtaking adventure that takes a huntress and her faithful eagle in The Pathless on a quest through a lush, mythical forest. A journey through a vast land that will take you higher and higher as you try to rid the land of a cursed plague of darkness.

As a hunter you are a born and skilled archer. You reach the surrounding lands by jumping and leaping quickly while aiming at various talismans scattered everywhere. The world in The Pathless seems so vast that you’ll think it never ends. To cover more distance, it is important to travel fast. Aiming at the talismans is as natural as pressing the R-release button. To keep you agile, Giant Squid has set it up so you don’t have to worry about the precise timing of the sighting lines. The talisman closest to you is automatically in the center of your target. Keeping your dash meter filled can help you win when exploring the ground.

Your other tool you can use when crossing is your trusty eagle. Relying on your strong attachment will take you to new heights. The eagle will help you both glide and flutter higher to reach levels and structures that are just out of reach. Reaching higher levels is the best way to decide where to venture next. Make sure to keep your eagle clean and brush it well from time to time, especially after you have collided with one of the game’s big monsters. If your eagle takes too much cinder and flame damage, it won’t be able to lift you into the air. In most cases, you will know when it is time to bathe him. After you have done this more than once, you will dream of seeing another animation sequence for this effect.

The controls of the game are quite simple and intuitive. It is very easy to move from different points and search for the next way. Between flying and aiming, your only other concerns are using Spirit Vision to see where secret entrances and treasures are hidden.

Use these tools appropriately, because one thing that sets The Pathless apart from other sprawling adventure games is that there is NO MAP. There is no map at all to help you find your way or to inform you where you have been before. You are really on your own. That’s why your eagle will take you as high as possible while you use Spirit Vision to show you where to go. At first the lack of a map seemed very intimidating and discouraging. Can someone please show us where to go? But then you learn to rely on these tried and true methods. Basically, if you see an object glowing yellow, expect a reward after solving a puzzle. If you see an ancient building glowing red, you will surely find a much needed talisman with which the land is purified. If you see a huge, flowing red mass, be sure to get as far away from it as possible. It’s worth going out of the way to avoid it.

Many secrets lurk in the different plateaus and mountains. If you collect the yellow crystals and fill up the meter below, your eagle will form an additional “flap” so that you can fly even higher when you climb. Simple puzzles like shooting bells or lighting a fire will reward you with more crystals.

Bigger and more complex puzzles in crumbled structures will give you the talismans you really need to finish the levels. Most of them are based on the fact that you have to line up a number of targets so that your arrow can shoot through them one by one, unlocking your prize. These will become quite redundant over time, but with each new land a new level is added to keep them fresh, for example if you need to send your arrow through a burning torch to hit a frozen target and melt it before unlocking.

The huge Red Storm that moves around each level is actually a cursed ghost that you have to defeat. This mass will come after you, hoping to take away your eagle. If they succeed, they will also destroy some of your precious yellow crystals and make sure that you won’t find them all again. If you are attacked, stay away from the light of the Ghost Eye. The best techniques are here, just bl


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