The Nintendo Switch Pro is rumored to be coming out in 2022.


The Nintendo Switch Pro is rumored to be coming out in 2022.

Following the disappointing launch of the Nintendo Switch OLED last week, reports now say that the rumored Switch Pro, which is expected to enable 4K gameplay, will still be released in 2022.

According to Venture Beat journalist Jeff Grubb, the speculated Nintendo Switch Pro might be released as early as next year. Because Nintendo is regarded as the king of changes, the video games journalist and industry insider also said that the Switch OLED model is not the Switch Pro and may not be the last Switch console.

“I’ve only ever personally heard 2022 for a Switch Pro,” Grubb added. And if that doesn’t happen, I’ll keep speculating that it’ll have 4K output from a far more efficient chip with DLSS.” “Anyone suppose this is the last Switch from a firm that has issued six 3DS models?” he continued.

The debut of the Switch OLED model has confirmed earlier speculations of an updated Switch model with a 7-inch OLED screen that had been circulating for over a year. However, that version, due out in October, isn’t even close to the 4K-focused enhancements mentioned by Bloomberg and other major outlets earlier. In a recent story, Inverse highlighted what some industry analysts have to say regarding Nintendo’s latest action and the likelihood of a new Switch system being released.

“There was never a convincing financial rationale for Nintendo to offer the ‘pro’ device most people were expecting,” said Matthew Bailey, an Omdia Senior Analyst of Marketing and Games. “It makes sense for Nintendo to provide a modest, fully backward compatible upgrade to the current Switch hardware,” he continued.

“The new OLED model meets this brief and is in line with what Omdia was expecting,” Bailey said. “It’s more likely that the changes aimed to increase performance and graphical fidelity will be part of Nintendo’s next-generation console,” the senior analyst believes. “Judging by how Nintendo management has been speaking, they are dead intent on prolonging the lifecycle of the Switch as much as possible,” said Serkan Toto, CEO of Kantan Games.

“Before Nintendo unveils an all-new console, we will see a stronger improvement than this,” he predicts. Toto and Bailey, unlike Grubb, believe that the new Switch console is still a few years away. “Given the OLED Switch’s Q4 2021 delivery date, it’s doubtful,” Bailey said. Brief News from Washington Newsday.


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