The “NBA 2K21” quarter of the next generation calls itself the city, and it has connections.


NBA 2K21 for next-gen consoles is just days away from its official release, and the game’s developers at Visual Concepts have finally revealed what the title’s park suite will look like. The city will be standing in for the neighborhood, and that sounds like a massive improvement in both scope and gameplay options alike. The news was announced in the latest blog post on the Courtside Report, which was published on Wednesday morning.

Due to the massive rush of new features, most of the blog post has been consolidated into one list, so we’ll do our summary in a similar way.

The City
A sprawling metropolis capable of supporting hundreds of MyPlayers simultaneously. It has all the squares, stores and event facilities you could possibly want.
A Newcomer: A beginner’s area for new MyPlayers to show off their skills before they gain access to the entire city.
Municipalities: The Municipalities are the home of the new member associations. All MyPlayers join one of four factions with unique dishes: the North Side Knights, the South City Vipers, the Beasts of the East and the Western Wildcards.
Event Center: An event-focused building designed for LTMs and inter-city competition.
Garage tire: Approach the tires on the sides of buildings and take some shots with the personal ball you carry around the city. Capture the attention of other players to challenge them to 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, HORSE and more. VC multipliers guarantee sweet rewards for your first five games a day.
People of the City: There are NPCs who have changing quests with tough AI opponents every four to six weeks. Win to receive rare clothing.
Gatorade training facility: Has the usual training equipment as well as rental courts on the second floor. These are private dishes for friends and people you meet online.
Pink Diamond Plaza: A new building where Triple Threat Online takes place.
After a few games in Rookieville, you will rise to the Pro 1 level. If you change affiliation, you will be reset to that rank.
You can only earn your full rewards by playing games on your course.
Conquest on Rivals Day: Every five weeks there is a two-week tournament where the affiliations compete against each other. At the end of the fifth week, the affiliations are seeded and organized for a tournament.
Championship on Rivals Day: In week six the championship starts. You will receive a wallet with VC and your mayor may decorate the city.
Mayor: Mayors run within six weeks and can decorate the courts with affiliation videos, custom playlists, court designs, murals and a uniform selection. Mayors are real players.
Players carry a ball around with them, which is used for pickup games or for demonstrating dribbling games.
In the city there are trick spots for skateboards and BMX bikes. There is a new eye-catching bicycle, the Chopper.
Hair, accessories and clothing can be changed in stores.

In other words, the city sounds like a greatly expanded view of the neighborhood, with regular tournaments, changing quests, and in-game events offering many opportunities for repeated engagements. What we don’t quite know yet is how all these new features will affect the rest of MyCareer. While the city is mainly about representation in the park, what about those who want to play through a story with a screenplay? Does the Pro-Am mode even flow into the city, or has that been incorporated into affiliations as well? Despite these ongoing questions, which will probably be addressed in a future blog post, there is a lot for fans to discover here. There has been a great demand for the return of affiliations, and this is certainly one of the most interesting views on the concept we have seen so far. The only question that remains is, which district will you choose for your new home in the city?

NBA 2K21 is available on Xbox Series S/X from November 10th and PS5 from November 12th.

What do you think about the city and the affiliations recurring in NBA 2K21? Which of these new features would you most like to try out for yourself? Tell us in the comments section!


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