The Met Office has issued a ‘danger to life’ warning for Storm Arwen, which is expected to strike Liverpool.


The Met Office has issued a ‘danger to life’ warning for Storm Arwen, which is expected to strike Liverpool.

As Storm Arwen rolls over the region, Liverpool is expected to be hammered by strong winds and heavy rain.

With the coming of Storm Arwen this weekend, the Met Office has issued a “risk to life” weather warning for the city.

A windy yellow weather warning was issued for Saturday, but it has now been extended to include all of Friday as well.

On Friday, Liverpool will be greeted by heavy rain and hail, with high winds developing later in the afternoon.

The Met Office has predicted gales of up to 52mph in Liverpool, which could cause tree damage and roof tiles to be blown off.

It is predicted to cause travel disruption in some locations, including delays on regional roads and public transportation, as well as the closure of several roads and bridges.

The storm is expected to last until Saturday, when Merseyside will be hit by even stronger gusts.

The weather warning will be in effect until 6 p.m. on Saturday, with highs of 5 degrees expected.

“Injuries and danger to life from flying debris are probable,” the weather warning stated.

There may be some damage to trees, temporary constructions, and buildings, such as roof tiles blown off.”

Road, rail, aviation, and ferry services may be disrupted, resulting in lengthier travel times and cancellations. It’s possible that some roads and bridges will be closed.

“Power outages may occur, posing a risk to other services such as mobile phone coverage.”

“Large waves and beach detritus pushed into seafronts, coastal roads, and houses might cause injuries and death.”

“Rain clearing southern parts of the region by mid-morning, with lighter sky and blustery showers following, most common near the coast and turning wintry over higher land later,” according to the Met Office forecast for the North West this weekend. Windy. The maximum temperature is 8 degrees Celsius.

“On Saturday, it was very windy and cold, with sunshine and showers, wintry above the hills.” On Sunday, it will be warmer and there will be a lot of mild winds. Monday will most likely be cloudier with rain, with hill snow.”


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