The homecoming of a Coronation Street icon delighted fans.


The homecoming of a Coronation Street icon delighted fans.

Fans of Coronation Street rejoiced as one of the show’s main characters made a triumphant return to our screens.

During Wednesday’s episode, Carla Connor was entangled in one of the long-running soap’s major plotlines.

After he thought his life had lost its meaning, the character played by Alison King offered Johnny a consulting job at the factory.

A glammed-up Jenny entered the café as he liaised with an old business acquaintance, but the commercial encounter was marred by difficulties.

Despite the fact that the character in the show was having problems, fans of the show on Twitter were overjoyed to see one of their favorites return to Wetherfield.

“Are my eyes misleading me or is that Carla on my screen?” Kira wondered.

Ryan made a comment; “Carla, the Queen, has returned. Carla’s return to the streets is wonderful.” “Oh hi Carla, it’s been a while!” Dave exclaimed. “It’s great to see Carla back,” Shaun added. “Seeing Carla every few scenes is bringing me a happiness I forgot existed,” Kat tweeted. Carla was involved in a tumultuous plotline with her husband Peter Barlow, and fans speculated if this meant Chris Gascoyne’s character will return to the drama in the near future.

As one user put it: “All we need now is Peter’s return. Carla and Peter make a fantastic couple.” Another person added: “It’s Corrie time, and our king and queen, Peter and Carla, have returned. I’m looking forward to seeing their lovely faces once more.” “I adore Peter and Carla,” said a third.


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