The First Locations For Spire Challenges Guide in ‘Fortnite’ Talk to the Joneses and Jonesy


The First Locations For Spire Challenges Guide in ‘Fortnite’ Talk to the Joneses and Jonesy

The second week of Fortnite’s Spire Challenges has begun, and this set of tasks is significantly simpler than the first. We’ll reveal seven places where you can speak to the Joneses and where you can find Jonesy the First in this guide. Both problems are simple as long as you know their approximate locations.

Locations to Speak with the Joneses

Players must speak to five separate Jonesy NPCs positioned near named locations and landmarks on the Battle Royale map to complete this challenge. These NPCs are a little more difficult to find because they don’t all appear in every game. As a result, you can need to cycle through a few matches before finding the ones you want. If the first five don’t appear in your lobby, we’ve added a few more options.

When they do appear, you can use the same NPC chat bubble you usually see to locate their position. Approach them, choose “The Spire” from the dialogue options, and read their message. It’s worth noting that you can’t tackle the same Jonesy NPC twice.

Grill Sergeant: The first Jonesy version can be found northeast of Pleasant Park near the Durrr Burger food truck.

Wreck Raider: Find another Jonesy in his scuba gear in the northern section of Coral Castle.

Suntan Specialist: Next to the RV on the Sweaty Sands beach, there’s another Jonesy.

Sash Sergeant: This version of Jonesy hangs out near the playground area in Weeping Woods.

Slurp Jonesy: Slurp Jonesy is inside the main Slurpy Swamp building at this spot.

He’s in this big room with Slurp machines, in case you need the extra visual context. However, we do have a few two more locations you can use if you don’t find this one.

Bunker Jonesy: Head to this big island southeast of Misty Meadows. You’ll find a big house at the marked spot. Jonesy stalks its entrance.

Castaway Jonesy: Our last Jonesy location is on this island northeast of Steamy Stacks. He aimlessly walks around the coastal area.

Find Jonesy the First location

The next step in the quest requires you to find and duel Jonesy the First. He’s located in northwest Pleasant Park.

Head inside this brick house and take a left. You’ll often find him standing in that. This is a brief summary.


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