The developers of ‘Dying Light 2’ have decided to postpone the game’s release in order to ensure its quality.


The developers of ‘Dying Light 2′ have decided to postpone the game’s release in order to ensure its quality.

Unfortunately for zombie enthusiasts, Techland’s “Dying Light 2” has been postponed until next year in order for the makers to refine the game before its release.

The game was supposed to be out on December 7, but Techland pushed it back until February 4, 2022, according to Kotaku.

After the developers released multiple clips highlighting the game’s enemy kinds and reworked parkour and fighting mechanics, “Dying Light 2” has been garnering more popularity online recently.

In comparison to previous years, Techland has been more active in engaging with its supporters. Fans thought that “Dying Light 2” had been locked in development hell since it was first unveiled during E3 2019. This was due to the developers’ silence on the game’s production.

Techland CEO Pawel Marchewka recently informed fans that “Dying Light 2” is already finished and in the playtesting phase. He did, however, mention that the game is now falling short of the quality expectations they had set for it.

A preview version of the game will be available to content creators and members of the press soon. Marchewka stated that a number of preview events will be held throughout the world to offer gamers a taste of how the game feels via the eyes of the people they trust the most.

Marchewka also mentioned that there will be more interesting news about “Dying Light 2” later this month, although he didn’t specify what it might be.

In a post-apocalyptic zombie game, “Dying Light 2” is an upcoming RPG that combines survival, action, and horror. After the world was enveloped in a cataclysmic zombie outbreak, players will assume the character of Aiden Caldwell, a wanderer who became entangled in the numerous disputes surrounding one of the few remaining human communities.

From open-world exploration to acrobatic movement and combat, the game keeps much of its predecessor’s overall tone and aesthetic, but Techland claims that “Dying Light 2” is much more ambitious. Depending on which human group gains the upper hand, every decision players make will have an impact on how the tale progresses and the city itself will significantly change.


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