The city’s most ‘unacceptable’ care home had the largest number of Covid deaths.


The city’s most ‘unacceptable’ care home had the largest number of Covid deaths.

The biggest number of covid deaths were reported by a care home blasted by government inspectors as “completely awful.”

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) this week assessed Rowan Garth Nursing Home, on Lower Breck Road in Anfield, as ‘inadequate’ un all five areas inspected by the health watchdog – whether it was safe, well-led, effective, responsive, and caring.

Although inspectors acknowledged that personnel followed acceptable advice in relation to Covid-19, including appropriate testing and wearing PPE, the litany of errors included “shortfalls in connection to the administration of infection and preventive control.”

Dad was abused in a care facility, where he was kept ‘naked’ and unwashed for days.

“There were shortcomings in respect to infection management and preventative control,” according to the CQC study (IPC).

“Clinical waste and used linen storage were not properly handled, which increased the risk of cross infection throughout the service. We saw that IPC operations had improved on the second day of the inspection.

“Excessive storage of moving and handling equipment clogged bathroom facilities.

“On some units, we discovered incontinence supplies and personal protective apparel stored in toilets, increasing the danger of infectious disease transmission.

“One of the slings used to help individuals move safely was filthy and in use. Multiple people were slung in the same sling.”

The number of deaths in every care facility in the UK with more than ten inhabitants was disclosed this week.

Rowan Garth has had 21 deaths since the outbreak began, the most in Liverpool and the joint second worst in the Liverpool City Region, after Birch Tree Manor in Wirral, which has had 24 deaths.

The data painted a “unfair” impression of the home’s service, according to Bloomcare Ltd, which is part of Wellington Healthcare (Adern Ltd).

“Any figure should be qualified by the fact that in the early phases of the pandemic, we documented all losses of people with even the mildest symptoms as suspected Covid-19 deaths,” a spokeswoman said.

“The criteria for identifying a Covid-19-related mortality before testing was widely available will differ by care home, and it is quite likely that we are not comparing like with like.”


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