Spider-Man: Miles Morales’ suits: Every costume, every mod and how they work.


One of the coolest features of Marvel’s Spider-Man from 2018 is the choice of different suits that Peter Parker can wear to give him different abilities. Thankfully, the same feature will also be seen in the successor to Insomniac Games, Miles Morales.

In Miles Morales, however, the suits offer different abilities that players can combine differently than the modifications in Spider-Man in 2018. Each color has its own style and offers players many different ways to fight bad guys on the streets of New York City.


Suit modifications in Miles Morales are quite easy to understand. Many colors in the game have modifications that can be seen in the color tab, but can only be unlocked when a color itself is unlocked.

Nowadays many suits are unlocked by buying them, using resources earned by completing certain missions. Some suits are unlocked after completing certain side quests and parts of the main story – but we’ll get to that in the next section.

As for the mods specifically, there are two different ones in Miles Morales: Visor and Suit.

Each suit has a different mod for either Visor or Suit and can help you in battles. As soon as you unlock a suit, Miles will automatically put it on, but you can exchange it for a costume of your choice. If you want the mod the suit comes with, you have to equip it. Both the Visor mod and the mod of the suit have two slots, and you have to decide which one you want to use.

Equip them with the suit of your choice and you are ready to go.


In total there are 19 suits in Spider-Man: Miles Morales. As mentioned before, most of them are unlocked via a special currency, which is earned by completing tasks, while others are rewarded for completing certain side missions.

Some suits are earned only when you reach a certain part of the main storyline or when you start another save in New Game+ mode, where players can replay the story, but all their values from the end of the previous playthrough are retained.

Here is an overview of all suits and how to unlock them in Miles Morales:

Sportswear suit – From the beginning

Suit for great responsibility – Talent of Peter Parker in the main story

Homemade suit – unlocked to level 5

Activity token (x8)
Technical parts (x1)
Unlocks Suit mod Power Pitcher, which increases damage from thrown items

Classic suit – Further progress in history

T.R.A.C.K.K. suit – level 6 unlocking

Activity token (x10)
Technical parts (x1)
Unlocks Visor mod Untrackable, which reduces damage from ranged attacks by 25 percent

Animated suit – unlocked to level 7

activity brands (20)
Technical parts (4)
Unlocks suit mod Stronger nets, enemies need longer to break out of the nets

Brooklyn Visions Academy Suit – Activation after progressing through the main story

activity brands (12)
Technical parts (1)
Unlocks the Visor mod Trick Master, gets bonus poison power for performing air tricks

Crimson Cowl Suit – unlocked as the main story progresses

activity brands (14)
Technical parts (2)
Unlocks Visor mod Ghost Strike, enemies can no longer hear the detection of web strikes if they are cloaked

S.T.R.I.K.E. suit – level 10 activation

activity brands (16)
Technical parts (2)
Unlocks the Visor mod Venom Overclocking, Poison Energy production increases with decreasing health

The End Suit – unlocked after further progress in the story

activity brands (16)
Technical parts (2)
Unlocks suit mod Steady Focus, slows down the speed at which the camouflage drains when not moving

Miles Morales 2099 Suit – Unlocked after further progress in history

activity brands (14)
Technical parts (3)
Unlocks suit mod Poison Suppression Resistance, which shortens the duration of Roxon poison suppression, Activates Cloak to remove Roxxon bubbles immediately

Into the Spider Verse Suit (Level 13)

Activity marks (18)
Technical parts (4)
Unlock Suit mod Vibe the Verse, which allows you to jump into the Spider Verse and make the included suit mimic the aesthetics of another earth

Suit by Uptown Pride

Complete all FNSM app activities to unlock this suit

Winter Suit

completion of the sub-mission “We have a lead!” to unlock this suit

Suit Miles Morales 2020

Exit all Spider-Train


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