So Vodafone’s Pre-Order Offer for Nuts iPhone 12 is still available


Telstra jumped the gun last week by announcing a massive pre-order deal for the iPhone 12. And Vodafone took that as a challenge, as it turns out, to drop its own mad deal. And it’s still alive, even though the phones are now on sale.

Telstra revealed last week that for all iPhone 12 pre-orders, it was knocking $50 a month off its XL plans. Before you add handset repayments, this takes it down to just $65 a month.

Vodafone has taken this opportunity to ask the telecommunications industry to keep its beer.

On its Super+ plan, Vodafone provides double data … which it has also discounted at $10 a month. The Super+ plan now comes with 100 GB of data per month. This means that for just $55 months before you add the phone repayment on top, you’ll get 200 GB of data per month.

Especially as Vodafone already seems to have the cheapest iPhone plans from the big three telcos per year, it was extremely well played.


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