Shenhe Abilities And Animations From ‘Genshin Impact’ Have Been Leaked.


Shenhe Abilities And Animations From ‘Genshin Impact’ Have Been Leaked.

Following the release of Shenhe’s official artwork, online leaks revealing her potential skills and in-game animations have appeared, offering fans a look of how this new Cryo character might fit into a standard “Genshin Impact” team.

Shenhe has now been verified as a Cryo user holding a polearm identical to Rosaria, months after the first prototype of her model was released. This forthcoming 5-star character resembles Ganyu and Cloud Retainer, the crane-like adeptus. Her design is also reminiscent of Azure Empyre Fu Hua from miHoYo’s previous game, “Honkai Impact.” According to a leaked abilities sheet uploaded in the Wangsheng Funeral Parlor Discord channel, Shenhe will purportedly play a DPS/Debuffer role in “Genshin.” According to the leak, her basic attacks have a high percentage scaling, ranging from 97.9% on the first hit to 156.4 percent on the final hit of her combo chain. 98 percent damage on the initial swing is nothing to scoff at, even if she doesn’t hit as hard per attack as someone like Rosaria.

Genshin Intel shared a short video on Twitter displaying Shenhe’s idle and battle animations.

One Heart’s Icy Quill is Shenhe’s Elemental Skill. Shenhe runs ahead with her Sealed Spirit after clicking the skill button, delivering Cryo damage to all foes in her path.

Shenhe performs an AoE attack when the button is held down. Allies gain the Icy Quill bonus when they cast this ability, which increases their damage depending on Shenhe’s ATK stat every time they strike or hit foes with Cryo.

Twin Forms is her Elemental Burst. Shenhe releases her Sealed Spirit, causing it to attack all opponents in a given region for a brief period of time. The Cryo and Phys RES of every adversary hit by the spirit will be lowered.

Ganyu and Eula, who run Cryo or Phys DPS carriers, can greatly benefit from having Shenhe on their squad. Shenhe can not only boost the team’s ATK numbers, but she can also shred foes’ Cryo and Phys RES. For maximal resistance shred, she can team up with characters like the Raiden Shogun or Kazuha as a Sub-DPS/Support, allowing the party’s hardest-hitting carry to easily dispatch any foe.


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