Season 10 of ‘Apex Legends’ introduces a slew of new features.


Season 10 of ‘Apex Legends’ introduces a slew of new features.

Respawn Entertainment is gearing up for the tenth season of “Apex Legends,” dubbed Emergence, which will feature a massive content drop with a slew of meta-shaking features and adjustments that will have a significant impact on how the game plays.

Players should expect more than a handful of new things to play around with, similar to the previous season. The developers haven’t posted the official patch notes yet, but they’ve been releasing tidbits of information to the community for the previous few weeks. According to Dexerto, this is all of the upcoming content that has been verified thus far.

Seer is the new champion.

Seer is a recon legend that excels at tracking down targets and acquiring intelligence.

His skills allow him to identify and track surrounding adversaries while also disclosing their current health levels, which can be useful while deciding whether or not to push an attacker. Seer’s ultimate creates a huge region that detects any adversaries firing or moving swiftly, providing a tactical edge to his squad.

Rampage LMG is a new weapon.

Aside from the fact that it was designed by Rampart and that it can be charged like the Sentinel but using thermite grenades instead of shield batteries, not much is known about this new machine gun. When it is released, the Rampage LMG will be the third gun in its class.

Update on the World’s End Map

World’s Edge is being treated in the same way as Olympus was at the start of Season 9.

Several regions of the map are being redesigned, with several of them including more lava than ever before. The modifications won’t be as drastic as those in Olympus, but they should be enough to provide all players a new experience.

New Arena Maps and Ranked Arenas

Arenas mode is finally receiving a ranked mode, as well as a slew of new maps. Unlike the vanilla battle royale mode, Ranked Arenas will not feature splits, and it will include mechanics that punish leavers while protecting their allies.

Three existing sections from the battle royale maps will be included in the new Arena maps: the Hillside of King’s Canyon, the Dome from World’s Edge, and the Oasis Towers from Olympus.


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