Samsung distributes update to Android 11 for popular Aldi phone


Those who bought the Samsung Galaxy A12 at Aldi not too long ago can rejoice. The South Korean company is now distributing the update to Android 11, which brings the inexpensive and very popular entry-level smartphone up to date.

Aldi phone: Samsung gives Galaxy A12 update to Android 11

Most people will probably know the Samsung Galaxy A12 from offers at Aldi or Lidl. There, the inexpensive entry-level smartphone has regularly been sold at best prices for some time. That does not have to be a disadvantage, because the more people buy and use this phone, the faster Android updates are available. The Galaxy A12 was shipped with Android 10, and now the update to Android 11 is rolled out. This brings the phone up to date and equips it with One UI 3.1. According to SamMobile, the rollout has started in Russia, but it should also start here soon.

If you are offered the update to Android 11 for your Samsung Galaxy A12 soon, you should definitely back up all data beforehand. If an error occurs during the update, you will not lose all your photos, videos and other files. The update takes a bit longer on cheap smartphones. But you don’t have to worry. You should never restart the phone manually during the update process. Just charge the battery completely beforehand and let the smartphone work.

Samsung offers the best update policy under Android

If you buy a Samsung phone, you will get four years of updates. No other Android smartphone manufacturer distributes updates for such a long time – not even Google for its Pixel phones. That is the end after three years. This promise does not only apply to new phones and the high-end models, but also to entry-level and mid-range smartphones that were launched years ago. Starting with the Galaxy S10, Samsung customers will get four years of updates. The competition is slowly following suit. Oppo and Vivo want to extend their update promise to three years. However, that does not apply retroactively nor to inexpensive phones. Other manufacturers could follow suit. Samsung is the big role model here.


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