Ryanair was forced to cancel 700 flights to a popular vacation spot.


Ryanair was forced to cancel 700 flights to a popular vacation spot.

700 flights to a popular vacation spot have been canceled by Ryanair.

The budget airline’s CEO has warned that the route to Lisbon will be severely disrupted this winter.

TAP, a Portuguese airline, has been criticised by Michael O’Leary for obstructing take-off and landing slots at Lisbon airports.

“We profoundly regret the unwarranted interruptions to passengers resulting from these cancelled flights and routes caused by TAP’s blockage of slots it is not using,” he said.

“To the detriment of Portuguese consumers, this anti-competitive slot blocking obstructs airline growth and the recovery of traffic, tourism, and jobs at Lisbon Portela Airport.”

The CEO has requested that the Portuguese government intervene and address the situation.

“Ryanair remains dedicated to working with our airport partner in Lisbon to promote Portugal’s tourism rebound and to rebuild connectivity following the Covid outbreak,” Michael O’Leary added.

“We now demand that the Portuguese government and the European Commission intervene to free up these underutilized slots at Lisbon Portela Airport and open Lisbon Montijo Airport as soon as possible.”

“Ryanair will continue to transport millions of new visitors to and from Portugal, investing in tourism and restoring normalcy to travel with the most options and lowest costs,” said the company.

As the travel sector continues to recover after the government removed travel restrictions earlier this month, UK jetsetters have been struck with a slew of problems this week.

After the country restricted flights to and from the UK due to mounting Coronavirus incidence, airlines such as easyJet and Tui were forced to cancel flights to Morocco.

After a volcano erupted last month, Tui has also canceled flights to La Palma up to and including November 3.


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