PS5 vs. PS4: 5 missing features that the new console from Sony cannot offer


Sony’s PlayStation 5 is finally here, and it has all the next-generation gadgets you’ve been hoping for. But between all the raytracing and super-fast load times, there are some key features of the PS4 that are not currently available on the new box. While some of these will be included in future firmware updates, here are five obviously missing features that the PS5 will not be able to fulfill when it is released.

1) Expandable Memory: The PS5 has an expandable memory bay that allows you to add storage without sacrificing the 667GB of space on the standard drive, but there are currently no SSDs that Sony has approved for use with the new system. When the PS4 was released in 2013, it was possible to trade in an additional 1TB drive from day one if you needed more storage. This is not the case with the PS5.

2) PS5 games on external drives: Also in terms of storage space, it is not possible to play PS5 games with an external hard drive, as many PS4 owners may be used to today. You can simply plug in your external PS4 hard drive to have immediate access to all PS4 games stored on it, but it is basically useless with regard to PS5 software. You can’t save PS5 games to an external hard drive and transfer them to system memory to play, and you certainly can’t play PS5 games directly from an external hard drive. This means that if your hard drive is full, you will have to completely reinstall or re-download games as needed. We apologize for your data cap!

3) Backing up PS5 memories: For those who didn’t want to pay for PlayStation Plus, it was possible to back up PS4 memory to a USB flash drive in case you lost it or needed to free up space. You can still transfer PS4 storage on PS5 to USB, but all PS5 storage is permanently attached to your system storage or hidden behind the PS Plus cloud paywall. This situation is very similar to that of the Nintendo Switch, which also limits backup to a paid subscription.

4) 1440p output: We are working on a small exception with this system, as the PS4 Pro technically does not support 1440p video output options either, but both systems should fucking do it. Many PC monitors still have 1440p peak performance, and people may want to lower their resolution a bit to get a bit more hardware performance for certain games. We assume that developers will have the ability to render a game at 1440p if they want to, but it should also be a selectable option for users.

5) Media Player Application: It took almost two full years for the PS4 system to achieve basic media file playback through the Media Player application, so it’s no surprise that this feature will not be available for the PS5 system when it is released. Those who may have a backup catalog of digital movies will be forced to stream them via Plex instead, which is currently available as a day one app. The situation could be much worse, but we personally liked the idea of playing video files from USB to avoid any pitfalls that may occur during streaming.

Sony’s PlaySation 5 is available immediately in North America and on November 19 for the rest of the world.

What do you think so far about the introduction of the PS5? Do you agree that these five missing features will not be available at launch? Tell us in the comments section!


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