PS5 Review: A great start for the next generation of gaming.


The latest next-generation console from Sony is finally here, and it must follow a very impressive act. For seven years now, PlayStation 4 has offered gamers the most advanced games and experiences that they will remember for years to come. Now the PlayStation 5 is set to continue this series into a new era.

While the quirky design is what many players think of when they first see and get their hands on the new system, it is the inner workings that will take the games into the future. More power, better looks, a sleek new user interface and much more positions the PS5 to continue its dominance as the leading Triple-A game console.


I’ve already talked about how the dimensions and feel of the console itself make it a “discouraging” piece of technology, so I’ll be brief here.

The sleek design and white color scheme make the PS5 something I want to display in my New York City apartment, much like an art book on a coffee table… only bigger and with a more modern look.

The weight of the PS5 is quite low given its dimensions – it’s just a strange shape that makes it a little difficult to find a place to stand upright. I’ve had my PS5 in the horizontal position since I unpacked it, and although I don’t particularly like the way it looks on the side, I’ve gotten used to it.

I still think you should put it in a vertical position as long as you have something that can carry its weight and have the headroom to do so.

The stand used to hold it on its side is very flexible and small. It almost feels like he can’t hold the PS5 steady. But after a few weeks, I can say with certainty that once the console is in place, it won’t move, even if you take the occasional loud step.


The first boot of the PS5 felt like something completely different from any other console before it. Despite videos showing the user interface (UI) and how it works, it didn’t feel like a PlayStation console.

I was not a fan of the PS4 interface. It felt cluttered and unruly, and finding certain applications or games on it took years of navigating through the controlled chaos. But the PS5 user interface is such a breath of fresh air. It’s clean, so it has much more room for all your games and entertainment applications. A big part of this is the way the PS5 separates games from other media.

If you just want to play games, you just have your downloaded titles in a straight line above the top with plenty of space below to give more details about the game you’re about to enter, including all the updates and news.

One click on the right bumper and you’ll be on the Media tab, where you can browse your Netflix, Spotify, and other entertainment applications in the same way.

Logging into my PS Plus account made transferring my PS4 games very easy. I could simply go to the library section of the interface (which also feels much cleaner and makes it easier to find your previously downloaded games; it even sorts them by PS5 and PS4 games) and download them and my save file to the next generation console.

As for storing files on physical games, it’s better to copy the files to a USB flash drive or external hard drive. The PS5 can easily be connected to an external USB hard drive and the console can access everything on it without any problems.

PlayStation Store has also been redesigned to make it easier to browse games and sort news, price and more. Like the rest of the PS5 user interface, it is cleaner and much clearer.

I find it odd that the settings, including code redemption and viewing your transaction history, are hidden at the bottom of the toolbar. While I understand that Sony wants to put more emphasis on actually finding games, accessing the settings unnecessarily felt like an annoying duty.

Another new feature is the Control Center, which can be accessed by pressing the PS button. This displays a small menu, whether you are already in a game or in PlayStation Store. Unlike the PS4, where players were forced to navigate by scrolling up and down, left and right, the PS5 makes everything easy and keeps it clean and una


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