PS5 purchased & not received: Saturn receives warning after order chaos


Many customers have pre-ordered the PlayStation 5 at Media Markt and Saturn, paid money, but have not yet received a console. Now consumer protection is getting involved.

Not all gamers who were able to buy the PS5 in past pre-order waves at Media Markt or Saturn have actually received their console. Under the hashtag #WoBleibtMeinePS5, waiting and disappointed customers have been venting their anger on social media channels for months. Now the Consumer Center of Saxony has intervened and issued a warning to the operating company of

What was Saturn warned about? Because of “invalid general terms and conditions, misleading business actions and practices that violate consumer protection,” it says on

What can happen in the worst case? With the warning letter, the consumer advice center in Saxony asks Saturn to issue a cease-and-desist declaration. If the company does not comply with this demand, the case could end up in court.

What exactly is at stake?
In simple terms, customers who pre-ordered the PS5 from MediaMarkt and Saturn have already had to pay the full price in advance, according to consumer protection. That is 399 Euros for the Digital Edition of the Sony console and 499 Euros for the drive version.

The big problem is that the retailer did not even send a confirmation of receipt of the order in many cases, which means that an important intermediate step was completely omitted.

Customers have paid a considerable sum, but do not know what happened to their console, when it will arrive and if it will arrive at all. Considering the already chaotic pre-order situation and the very small contingent, it is not surprising that many people are disappointed and angry afterwards. Sten Wagner, legal expert from the Consumer Center Saxony, explains in this context:

“A look at the terms and conditions of reveals that no contract would come into being at all with the payment. Only by the dispatch of the commodity or a dispatch confirmation wants to see here a contract closed”.

After all, if customers do not receive their PS5 at all, the retailer will refund the full invoice amount. However, according to the consumer advice center, it is unclear how long the company will retain the money. Especially since the new Sony console is still listed as not available on in mid-January 2021.

The consumer advice center calls this customer-unfriendly, “intransparent and ineffective.”

PS5 sold out – when could it be available again?
The PS5 is currently in short supply and not available in Germany, at least from renowned retailers. Since September 2020, there have been three large pre-order waves and a smaller intermediate wave – but the contingent was very limited in all of them and many people went empty-handed.


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