Pokémon Sword and Shield’ Crown Tundra Dynamax Adventure: What You Need to Know.


Dynamax Adventures is a brand new fighting game that debuted with the Pokémon Sword and Shield Crown Tundra DLC.

Unlike the Max Raid Battles that trainers know from the Base and Isle of Armor expansions – and yes, these battles still exist in The Crown Tundra – Dynamax Adventures offers a more challenging and cooperative experience in catching Pokémon.

Trainers are tasked with scouring the caves of Dynamax Adventures and battling up to four Pokémon, with the final battle being either a super rare Pokémon or a legendary Pokémon.


Trainers can take over Dynamax Adventures alone or with others through an online connection. As you can imagine, it will be a challenge to take on the constant battles with AI teammates, so we recommend connecting with others via the Internet.

Once a team of four is complete, each of you will need to choose one of four Rental Pokémon. Don’t think you can lead a level 100 Zacian into battle here, because you’ll be forced to go into battle with underdeveloped Pokémon and other ‘mon with interesting movesets.

Once the four Pokémon have been selected, the team must decide which path to take. First, you will have to choose between two battles, with the type of Pokémon being the only indicator of what kind of Pokémon it is. If you are competing alone with AI, you will make the choice, but if there are other players in the game, there will be a vote where the most votes will count.

When the first battle is over, you move on to the next fork in the road with even more options. Repeat this process until you make it to the end. With the proper analogy, you can look at the path ahead to try to plan your path in advance.

To make Dynamax adventures challenging, your Pokémon will not be healed after every battle. The HP and PP used in the battle will be transferred. This forces the Trainers to think about which moves to use and when.

However, after you have captured a Pokémon, you and your team have the option of trading in your rent for the newly captured Pokémon, but only one of you can do that. The order of who chooses first is unclear – we’ll update this section once we’ve found a pattern, if there is one – but you can decline or accept when it’s your turn.

We recommend that you replace a Pokémon if your Pokémon is currently barely healthy and has no way to regain its Health Points.

Along the adventure, you may find items or a person on a path of your choice that you can see on the map. Some of the items you encounter can heal your Pokémon, while others will be items that you can equip immediately. People you find along the way may have other Rental Pokémon that you can exchange when you select them. It’s a good idea to try to choose at least one of the ways these mini-cutscenes have to help your team.


When you reach the final battle, you will encounter either a super rare Pokémon or a legendary Pokémon. If it’s a Legendary Pokémon, you can defeat and capture it, but it won’t be easy.

Unlike the other battles, this last Pokémon will reset the status effects and status changes on the game board, so keep that in mind. If you defeat the Legendary, you have a 100% chance of catching it.

If you do not defeat the Pokémon, you will be removed from the cave. However, you can go back to the path that meets the Legendary you couldn’t defeat. Peonia will also sell you a path to a Legendary Pokémon for five Dynite Ore.


After your Dynamax Adventure is completed, you will receive Dynite Ore for your efforts. The amount you earn depends on a number of factors, such as completing a certain number of battles, finishing the adventure, catching a special Pokémon, and connecting with others over the Internet. The most we earned 11 for catching a Legendary with people who were online.

This currency is good for goods and services in the Crown Tundra. You need at least eight for a part of the main story, but you can also buy rare and powerful items from one of the NPCs in the Dynamax adventure area.

You can buy training items like calcium and zinc, special stick balls like animal balls, and even bottle caps and ability capsules. The br


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