‘Pokémon Go’ Lugia raid: counters and everything you need to know.


With the start of the animation week, the raids in Pokémon Go will move to the Johto region, where the legendary Pokémon Lugia takes place.

Lugia, the cover version of Pokémon for Silver, which was released back in 1999, returns to Pokémon Go with an exclusive move. Aeroblast is the exclusive move for Lugia, giving the Legendary its best flying option in the variety protection battles. Trainers will also have the chance to catch a Shiny Lugia.

Trainers who want to take on this powerful Pokémon should keep in mind: Here is everything you need to know.


Lugia is a Pokémon of the “Psychic and Flying” type, which makes it weak against attacks of the “Dark”, “Ghost”, “Electricity”, “Rock” and “Ice” types.

There are many Pokémon with these types of attacks, especially if they are megabased Pokémon. Mega Gengar and Mega Houndoom are great options to take on Lugia in raids.

Mega Gengar’s Ghost type attacks and Mega Houndoom’s Dark type attacks can help bring down Lugia as quickly as possible. Trainers must be wary of Lugia’s attacks, as the company has trains that can take out both Mega Pokémon.

Lugia’s Future Sight can take out Mega Gengar, while Hydro Pump can wipe out Mega Houndoom in combat. Some Lugias found in these raids also have the quick attack Extrasensory, which could mean trouble for Mega Gengar.

The mobile game also contains numerous Pokémon of the “Electric” type that can help trainers in these raid battles, including many other legends. Here are some viable options for fighting Lugia

Mega-Gengar with lick and shadow ball
Mega-Houndoom with growl and foul play
Electify with thunder shock and wild attack
Darkrai with growl and shadow ball
Zekrom with loading beam and wild charge
Weaving with Snarl and Avalanche
Raikou with thunder shock and wild attack
Tyranitar with Smack Down and Crunch


The highlight of this new raid update in Pokémon Go is Lugia, but there will be many other Pokémon to fight and capture. Niantic confirmed in his blog that there will be other Pokémon in raids besides Lugia, including Ivysaur, Pinsir, Snorlax and Golurk.

The raids will begin at 16:00 EDT on Thursday, November 5 and will end at 16:00 EDT on Monday, November 16.

As soon as the raids are postponed, we will update this section.

Step 1

Level 3

Level 5


Mega raids

Mega Charizard X/Y
Mega cooking
Mega Pigeon
Mega cooking

Are you looking forward to the raids of Lugia? Which Pokémon will you take into battle? Let us know in the “Comments” section.


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