PlayStation Now: Games for December unveiled


PlayStation Now will be expanded with more games in December 2020. In this announcement, you can find out which games subscribers can tune into.

Update: As expected, Sony has confirmed the games listed below for the German market.

Original message: Today, not only the PlayStation Plus games for December 2020 were released. The new PlayStation Now games were also unveiled. The confirmation was initially for Japan.

Although the PS Now games do not usually differ from the European offer. But the final unveiling of the European arm of PlayStation is not expected until later this afternoon. Eventually you can expect to see the following games in December:

Horizon Zero Dawn: Complete Edition
The Surge 2
Stranded Deep
Darksiders 3

What PlayStation Now offers
PlayStation Now allows subscribers to stream a wide range of PlayStation games. At the same time, subscribers can download PS4 games to the console. Games of the PS3 and PS2 generations, however, can only be streamed. PlayStation Now is also available on Windows PCs.

PS Now costs 9.99 Euro per month, 24.99 Euro for three months or 59.99 Euro for a whole year. In return, customers receive access to more than 650 games.

Interest in PlayStation Now continues to grow. In April 2020, the service reached 2.2 million subscribers, which is a significant increase. A year earlier, there were only one million PS Now players, in March 2018 there were only 700,000 subscribers.

Not to be missed: Today at noon, the PS Plus games for December 2020 were activated. In this message you can find out which games you can download as a PS Plus member without additional costs.


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