PlayStation 5 Unpacking: Sony’s next-gen system is an impressive but daunting piece of technology.


Since the official unveiling this summer, I’ve been curious to see what the PlayStation 5, Sony’s next generation console, would look and feel like.

While the various previews gave an idea of the direction Sony is taking in terms of design – the sleek, unique design of the system will probably make it a trendy piece of technology – I was more concerned about the actual size.

The PS5 looked huge compared to other game consoles, and I kept thinking about where and how it would fit into a New York City apartment.

A few weeks before the official launch, Sony presented some of us at with the next-generation console so we could try it out for ourselves. And even though we can’t talk about the interface or the gaming experience yet, we were able to give our first impressions of the console’s look and feel. Overall, we are impressed.

My first thought when unpacking the PS5 was not only how wide or tall it was, but also that it was heavier than I expected. I don’t think I would ever feel comfortable putting it on something that is not supported.

The hard plastic enclosures – the white parts – that cover the console are strong, but also malleable enough to cushion the piece of technology if you accidentally bump into the sides of the TV stand or entertainment system.

But the big question remained: should I place them vertically or horizontally?

To be honest, I would have preferred to place it vertically, as the top of my stand offers plenty of space for overhead mounting, but since the sides of my TV are currently occupied by the Nintendo Switch and a router, there wasn’t enough room for me to feel comfortable.

So I had to choose the horizontal one. My stand has three 23-inch sectionals, with my PS4 currently in the middle. The PS4 fits easily into this cabinet with lots of space, but with the frame of the PS5 it fits tighter. Not to say that there is no space, just not that much.

The round plastic stand that comes with the PS5 – which is necessary if you want to place it horizontally – is wrapped around the back of the console with two small hooks and slides under it. The stand doesn’t feel as stable as I’d like it to feel, but my fear of dropping expensive things is constant, so it could just be me. The stand prevents the PS5 from slipping and it doesn’t wobble, but I’ve noticed that the console moves slightly away from the stand when I readjust the wires on the back. Not ideal, but I’m not afraid of it slipping off by itself by heavy-footed children or dropping something that would shake the floorboards.

I asked a colleague to tell me his initial thoughts on the design and construction of the PS5, and here’s what Rocco Marrongelli from had to say

“The PS5 looks like a work of art. The design is very inviting with its unique curves and unique design. Hopefully you have an entertainment center that can support its size and weight. When placed horizontally, the design prevents you from really stacking your cable box or other peripherals you may have. The PS5 really needs to “stand on its own”.

The PS5 will be released worldwide on November 12th.


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