Phillip Schofield interrogates his mother following a’selfish’ shopping spree.


Phillip Schofield interrogates his mother following a’selfish’ shopping spree.

Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield questioned two mothers’ responsibilities for storing Christmas food and presents.

There are already concerns that continuous supply chain issues may result in higher costs and bare shelves for the Christmas season.

Robert Gliddon, the owner of Gliddons Toy Shop in Sidmouth, Devon, predicted that there will be shortages and price increases this holiday season.

After Wayne’s hotel party images, Coleen Rooney breaks the quiet.

“It’s not just shortages; you have to confront the reality of price increases ranging from 10% to 15% on anything imported from beyond the seas,” he remarked.

“If you see it, get it,” he urged, “but expect to spend more before Christmas.”

Because of a cargo backlog, shipping giant Maersk has announced that it is diverting vessels away from UK ports.

It has begun diverting its container ships away from Felixstowe, the UK’s busiest commercial port, to unload elsewhere in Europe before returning to the UK on smaller ships.

In an effort to alleviate congestion, the UK port industry has also cautioned that some ports are managing access to storage space with “short-term limits.”

With many Brits worried that Christmas will be a letdown if products aren’t readily available, This Morning spoke to two mothers who have already started stockpiling presents and food.

Despite the fact that it is just October, Rachel Marsden has already spent £2500 on Christmas gifts.

“With the shortage and the dearth of lorry drivers, I started to fear,” she added.

“I began to believe that I needed to get out there and retrieve them right away, or we would have a terrible Christmas.”

“Isn’t what you’re doing pretty selfish?” Phil remarked, playing devil’s advocate.

You’re buying a lot of stuff, perhaps more than you need, and blocking folks who might only want to buy one or two gifts from receiving what they want.”

“I’m not buying more than one of the goods,” Rachel said, “so I’m not doing what other people do, which is buy to sell for a profit or anything like that.”

“So I’m simply buying one of each thing, so I’m not preventing anyone else from doing so.”

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