People will be prohibited from entering alleyways unless they have a “specific reason.”


People will be prohibited from entering alleyways unless they have a “specific reason.”

In a novel initiative to combat antisocial behavior, people will be prohibited from accessing alleyways in Birkenhead unless they have a specific purpose to be there.

Wirral Council’s Tourism, Communities and Leisure Committee approved plans to construct gates restricting access to particular passageways, as well as an order prohibiting many people from passing through them, last night.

A PSPO (Public Spaces Protection Order) restricts access to a number of alleyways in Birkenhead and Tranmere wards, as well as Seacombe ward, for a specific purpose. The contract is for three years.

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Living at a property within or adjacent to the alleyway, visiting someone who does, delivering something to them, or performing work for them are all examples of these causes.

Only carrying out a role for Wirral Council, such as removing rubbish, or if you are a member of the emergency services, are permissible grounds for accessing the alleyways.

Over the course of the two wards, around 30 alleyway gates will be constructed.

This is part of a £432,000 government-funded plan known as Safer Streets 2, which includes 12 new CCTV units, seven CCTV upgrades, and roughly a dozen ‘action days’ and ‘cleaning days,’ among other things.

“I am pleased to have alleyway gates in the center of town,” Birkenhead and Tranmere councillor Steve Hayes told The Washington Newsday about the plan this morning. There have been numerous issues with drugs and other substances in them.” “It will undoubtedly assist,” the Independent councillor said of the significant investment in measures such as CCTV. In the past, some of the streets were fairly poor. How much it will benefit will be determined by the passage of time.” Other initiatives, according to Cllr Hayes, could help to reduce crime in the area as well.

“We’ve had a lot of [dispersal zones]in the past, removing motorcycles when they’re causing problems, and so on,” he continued. They’ve been quite helpful.” Green Party councillor Emily Gleaves was likewise in favor of the PSPO, despite the fact that she was aware of some concerns about its potential impact.

Cllr Gleaves was impressed with the council’s efforts. “The summary has come to an end.”


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