People travelling on vacation are being warned to double-check their plans to avoid ‘disappointment.’


People travelling on vacation are being warned to double-check their plans to avoid ‘disappointment.’

Those expecting to get away for a winter vacation may be disappointed.

According to The Mirror, the Passport Office’s courier TNT has become overburdened as a result of post-lockdown applications.

It is recommended that travelers verify the expiration dates on their passports and arrange for renewals as soon as feasible.

Anyone who receives a parking penalty is advised to disregard earlier guidance.

Anyone in need of a new passport has already been warned that they will have to wait for their document to be processed, but now they will also have to wait for their passport to be delivered.

People have been advised that getting their documents updated can take up to ten weeks, although wait times could be extended due to the couriers, TNT, being completely overwhelmed with orders.

TNT, which has a three-year contract for £77 million to distribute passports, has received several complaints about delays and poor customer service as many clients wait for a response.

People have reportedly traveled from passport office to passport office in search of their documents.

A petition has been started demanding for a probe into the TNT-related concerns that people are experiencing.

“Thousands of us have encountered substantial delays in obtaining our passports delivered in recent months,” it says.

“As a result, many people have had to cancel their holiday arrangements, losing hundreds or even thousands of pounds.” TNT does not appear to provide real-time tracking, nor can you submit delivery instructions, unlike many other services.

“Some people have had multiple failed delivery efforts, while others have had their delivery date pushed back and back with no end in sight.”

“TNT has even lost some people’s passports or application supporting documents.”

It has demanded an explanation of the TNT selection process and the criteria employed.

The delay, according to TNT, was caused by a rise in applications following the lifting of the lockdown.

“By adding more staff to the operations, we are taking further steps to ensure timely delivery.” We apologize for any trouble this has caused,” the statement continued.


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