People are delayed in hour-long lines in the Queensway tunnel, causing traffic havoc.


People are delayed in hour-long lines in the Queensway tunnel, causing traffic havoc.

People are getting stuck in traffic lines at the Queensway tunnel, which leads to Liverpool, for up to an hour.

People reported delays to buses on lines between the city and Birkenhead at 6 p.m., kicking off the transport pandemonium.

Drivers have reportedly reported getting stuck within the tunnel for long periods of time.

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Because it is unclear what is causing the problems, a number of people have gone to social media to express their dissatisfaction.

Pete Price wrote on Twitter: “Now is the time to avoid the Queensway Tunnel on your way to Liverpool.

“Tailbacks are forming towards the Birkenhead side’s entrance. On my way to work, it’s insane.

“I’ve been in the tunnel for an hour, just get out of it.”

Olivia Williams, a reporter for the Washington Newsday, was also stuck in traffic on her way into the capital.

She stated, ” “For the past 50 minutes, I’ve been stranded in the Birkenhead tunnel on my way to town.

“Nothing seemed to be coming out. It’s a riot.” Merseytravel reacted to commuters on Twitter, stating that they are aware of tunnel congestion but that there does not appear to be a specific cause.

“We are currently having traffic congestion in the Queensway Tunnel, which is disrupting traffic heading into Liverpool,” a spokeswoman said.

Added another woman: “Any updates on what’s going on at the Queensway Tunnel?

“People have been trapped in Liverpool for over two hours with no buses.”

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