Other sides of Gogglebox celebs who don’t appear on our screens


Other sides of Gogglebox celebs who don’t appear on our screens

Because of their lively personality and humorous remarks on the iconic Channel 4 show, many Gogglebox stars have become household names.

We’ve grown to appreciate the families and friends that criticize and discuss popular and current television series, as well as the week’s breaking news stories.

However, the Goggleboxers have lives outside of the show that we are unaware of, with many of them having spouses who have never appeared on TV with them.

Jenny from Gogglebox has fans in stitches as she sends a message to Lee.

While some look to be in a relationship, others sit on their sofas with their siblings and other family members, or with their best friends.

Let’s see who the Gogglebox stars’ partners are and what they do for a living.

Pete made his relationship public in October 2020, when he shared a selfie of himself and then-girlfriend Paige Yeomans smiling.

“My Mrs and best mate, what more could I wish for, don’t worry @sophiesandiford1 you are a close second best friend,” he captioned the photo.

“FYI, this was taken last year.”

Paige has worked as an emergency service call handler in London for more than three years, beginning while she was still at university. Paige formerly worked for almost two years at House of Fraser in Essex.

Paige earned a bachelor’s degree in English language and linguistics from Queen Mary University of London in 2019, according to her LinkedIn page. She would be roughly 22 years old if she went directly to university following college.

She may, however, have gone to university at any age.

In May 2021, the couple married and welcomed their first child, Jimmy, in September.


Ellie and Nat have been dating since 2018, when she starting mentioning his existence on her Gogglebox chats.

Nat didn’t return to the show until 2020, when he replaced Ellie’s sister Izzi for a few lockdown episodes.

Michelangelo and Madonna, the couple’s two canines, live with them.

Nat has only appeared in a few episodes of the show, and Ellie has only shared a few photos of the two together on her Instagram.

“Summary concludes,” says Instagram.


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