On the job, a police constable hurled racial and homophobic remarks.


On the job, a police constable hurled racial and homophobic remarks.

A Merseyside Police officer admitted to hurling racial and homophobic obscenities at coworkers and the general public.

Constable Martin Helbing was overheard saying the despicable remarks while on duty, prompting an investigation.

According to the investigation report, PC Helbling referred to a member of the public as a “foreign f***r.”

An arrest has been made for ‘wounding’ after a man was discovered in a Bootle flat with injuries to his head, back, and face.

He is also accused of calling a female coworker a “de” and a member of the public a “glord.”

On September 16, a misconduct hearing was place at Eaton Road Police Station in Knotty Ash.

The claims were made in relation to events that occurred between September 29 and October 7, 2020.

“PC Helbling’s actions fell below the Standards of Professional Behaviour and amounted to grave misconduct,” the investigation concluded.

“On those dates, the officer allegedly made three improper and unacceptable racist and homophobic comments,” according to the claims.

PC Helbing is accused of calling a Polish guy a “foreign f***r,” a female prison sergeant a “de,” and yelling “what a glord” after bringing up a photo of a missing individual on a police computer.

According to the findings, PC Helbling agreed that his comments were in violation of relevant professional norms and amounted to serious misconduct.

PC Helbling testified to the panel that he has family and friends who are members of the LGBT+ community, and that he has faced discrimination because of his name and history.

Despite this, the investigation stated: “The Officer made the comments he did understanding the impact his words would have.”

According to the investigation, PC Helbling “sought to pass off his use of the terms “foreign f***r” as a joke in a statement submitted under oath on February 19 this year.”

“He attempted to argue that referring to one of his coworkers as a ‘de’ was not improper, citing his experience as a prison officer, where he claimed that women used the term ‘de’ freely and openly about themselves and one other in a ‘friendly and complimentary way.’

“He claimed he was unaware that the term is derogatory.”

Helbling, PC. “The summary has come to an end.”


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