On Homes Under the Hammer, Mum notices an unwanted modification to her home.


On Homes Under the Hammer, Mum notices an unwanted modification to her home.

My new house was going to be on Homes Under the Hammer since it was one of the selling aspects the estate agent was eager to stress when we went to see it.

Was the wallpaper old and the carpets floral? I was curious to see what it had looked like before; had there been a major renovation?

And I watched as Dion Dublin, the presenter, walked up my new street in Wallasey, Wirral, and opened my front door this morning.

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Except for a fresh coat of paint and new flooring, everything was the same – except for my serving hatch. What had happened to my serving hatch?

I realize it has a 70s feel about it, but the serving hatch from the living room to the kitchen had been filled in.

I thought to myself as I watched Dion kick a football through it that my kids would have enjoyed it if I had popped my head through it with a snack in my hand.

Or how, instead of my everyday “YOUR DINNER’S READY,” I wouldn’t have to shout them for dinner if I merely opened the tiny doors of the window in the wall and kindly told them supper was ready.

(Don’t act like you don’t do it; is your mother truly your mother if she hasn’t called you at least ten times for your tea?)

But it was gone, and the social viewport into the rest of the house was nowhere to be found.

Even Dion admitted it was “very awesome,” although Andreas had told BBC viewers from the start that he was going to get rid.

My landlord, Andreas Wagner, bought the house after it failed to sell at auction in April of this year, when it didn’t meet its guide price of £85,000.

The London-based interpreter for Klopp was able to negotiate the price down to £81,000.

He told Dion on the show that he only planned to spend £12,000 and three weeks doing it up, but due to a rotten kitchen ceiling, he ended up going over budget by £4,500.

The bathroom had been significantly updated, luckily, but some of Dion’s ideas of ripping out had been ignored. “The summary has come to an end.”


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