NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 Release Time & Best tips for ordering.


NVIDIA’s RTX 3070 GPUs are nearing market introduction, which means PC gamers everywhere are hoping for a chance to get their hands on this budget-friendly but very powerful piece of hardware, bent over their keyboard. Do you want the best chance to get this sweet $499 upgrade for your gaming equipment? Here is a summary of the release time and our best tips for a successful order.

When will the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 be released?

According to Newegg’s RTX 30 series information website, the GeForce RTX 3070 is expected to be released on October 29th at 9am EDT. This release date also coincides with the other cards in the series, so we believe it is correct. If the PS5 fiasco of the pre-order has taught technology enthusiasts anything, then theoretically, it’s always possible that eagerly awaited merchandise will hit the stores. It pays to be vigilant.

The best tips for ordering a NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070

It cannot be denied absolutely that the procurement of its own RTX 3070 will be quite a challenge, if the maps actually go live. Before this background you find here some Tipps, which can contribute to the fact that your order procedure runs off to some extent smoothly. Of course, even our best intentions are by far no guarantee of success, but here is what we know from pre-ordering many other very popular items.

Pre-order links

Sometimes the fastest way to a successful order is to know the right links to get the desired item. This list does not include all possible retailers where an RTX 3070 will be available, but it may provide a solid starting point.

NVIDIA Store (Founders Edition)
Best Buy (Founders Edition)
Best buy

In addition to these links you will find some helpful tips that you should know at the beginning of your search. Some of these suggestions may be a piece of cake for those who have tried this before, but we still offer you our insight.

Please have your information ready: The official NVIDIA store makes it very difficult for those who have never shopped before to store their billing information, but the other retailers on the list above will allow you to do so without much trouble. So make sure to set up your credit card and shipping information before the release date. Just because something is in your shopping cart does not mean it is your shopping cart. It can be taken away if your information is not prepared.
Follow the right people: Even if retailers have set up notification systems for when the 3070 is expected to be released, it’s almost certain that these emails will not be sent fast enough for you to actually receive it. Instead, it helps to track and receive tweet notifications for business-focused Twitter accounts like Wario64 and IGN Deals. Even these reputable sources may be a bit slow in this extreme case, but they are more effective than retailers.
Using Apps: Most of the retailers listed above have apps in addition to their standard websites, and it can be helpful to use them. Apps in particular are designed for speed, so some consumers swear by them in these circumstances.
Use your fastest device: If smartphones are not your thing, at the very least make sure you are set up with the fastest device in your home. These sites are likely to crash, and you want to be in a browser capable of handling this stress. Do not let slow hardware boot you.
A note about third party cards: For the NVIDIA RTX 30 series in particular, users have reported most problems with third-party cards that are not part of the Founders Edition. They may be a little easier to get in due course, but it seems that NVIDIA-made options are the best for your system right now. There are pros and cons to both ways you go, but the documented manufacturing problems are still worth mentioning.

The NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 will be released on October 29.

Will you try to buy an RTX 3070 on Thursday? What are your best tips for securing this hot GPU? Tell us in the comments section!


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