Nintendo Switch Update: Device Gets Bluetooth Audio Connection; Microphone Input Isn’t Supported


Nintendo Switch Update: Device Gets Bluetooth Audio Connection; Microphone Input Isn’t Supported

Nintendo’s Switch video game console now includes Bluetooth audio compatibility. However, the most recent update does not support microphone input.

On Tuesday, Nintendo announced that the Switch consoles will now be able to connect wirelessly to an audio output. However, there are certain limits to the capability, such as the lack of compatibility for Bluetooth microphone input.

After updating the device, the Bluetooth Audio option will appear in the Settings menu. According to Engadget, it will also contain an indicator that shows the Switch’s current connection state.

According to Nintendo, the Bluetooth connection feature on the Switch is limited to audio output, thus gamers will not be able to use Bluetooth microphones.

The console can only support two wireless controllers during a Bluetooth connection. In order to play with extra controllers, gamers would have to detach the device. If the players begin a local wireless multiplayer game, Switch will instantly disconnect the console from the Bluetooth headphones.

The Verge claimed that some customers were still having trouble connecting their Nintendo Switch consoles to Bluetooth audio output devices following the update.

Following the directions in the setting menu, a gamer using the AirPods Pro had no issue connecting the headset to the Nintendo Switch Lite. The gadget did not experience any delays throughout the “WarioWare: Get It Together” game, according to the user. Even after a cold boot, the connection was automatically reestablished.

A second-generation Switch user, on the other hand, had trouble attaching an Arctis Pro Wireless headset to the system. The customer claimed that he had to restart the Switch three times before being able to connect it to the device. He even tried a pair of first-generation Amazon Echo Buds and Wyze Buds Pro, as well as a Bose QC25 Bluetooth adaptor and an LG TV.

Since its launch in 2017, the Nintendo Switch has lacked the option to connect through Bluetooth. Users have to employ Bluetooth adapters to enjoy wireless audio on their consoles as a result of this.

In addition to the Bluetooth connection capability, the recent update allows users to keep their Nintendo Switch connected to the internet even when it is in sleep mode. Games will no longer have to waste time downloading content because the process will continue even when the console is turned off.


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