Nintendo Switch 2 (Pro): Fancy concept pictures of the Switch successor


Rumours about Nintendo Switch 2 and also about a Switch Pro are appearing on the net, maybe Nintendo is planning a successor to the popular Switch. These concept pictures send you to the “Nintendo Dream Island”.

The Nintendo Switch and the Switch Lite are already on the market and fans are wondering if there are new models of the console in the pipeline, after all, the first rumours about a Nintendo Switch 2 and a Switch Pro are gradually accumulating.

No new console has been announced yet and Nintendo says that they don’t want to launch a new model in 2020 either. Nevertheless, you can already dream of a new switch and concepts created with great effort by fans and designers provide the basis for the next Nintendo dream.

Nintendo Switch 2 and Switch Pro: Concepts

In the gallery above, we’ll show you concepts for Nintendo Switch 2 and a Pro version, which sometimes differ more or less from the official design of the Japanese publisher.

Nintendo Switch Pro concept with 4K resolution
Among the pictures you can see a concept of the YouTube channel “Zone of Tech”, which is more closely based on Nintendo’s design. There are also technical advantages mentioned, but of course they are not officially confirmed:

Narrower edges
Display: 7.3 inch (OLED)
Graphics chip in docking station
Resolution in TV mode: 4K
Resolution in handheld mode: 1080p

Already in 2019, industrial designer Olivier Raymond had created the switch concept “Nintendo Switch UP”. It may come from a time before the latest rumours, but we also think that it is very successful and of course we don’t want to keep it from you.

Watch the following video with the concepts and an interview with the designer, conducted by YouTuber Kevin Kenson.

Difference between Switch 2 and Switch Pro
Are you confused by the names around Switch 2 and Switch Pro? A Pro-version is probably an updated version of the previous Switch, which would be technically upgraded. Imagine the comparison with the PS4 to the PS4 Pro to better understand it.

You can classify “Nintendo Switch 2” differently on the net. For some, it may be a synonym for the next switch model, whether it’s a small update or a completely new successor.

We tend to think of “Nintendo Switch 2” as more of a true console successor, and even then “Nintendo Switch 2” would only be a temporary title. Nintendo is not known for naming console successors with an old name and new number. So prepare yourself for a completely new name.

When will a Nintendo Switch 2 be released?
In 2020, there were rumours that Nintendo was working on a new model of the Switch that would include two screens. Fans might think of a handheld with two screens. But maybe the idea is that the docking station will be a stand-alone console connected to the TV. Maybe the switch (and its screen) will then be used as a controller.

But you will need patience in any case. The release of a Switch 2 is not expected before 2022 to 2023. A hint points even rather to a release from 2024 on.


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