Next Generation ‘NBA 2K21’ MyWNBA & The revealed W – a WNBA MyCareer mode.


NBA 2K21 has already caused a sensation with its great next-gen graphics and optimized gameplay, but the WNBA experience of the game has also become much more eye-catching. In the latest Courtside Report blog post, the game’s developers at Visual concepts unveiled MyWNBA and the W, two facets that are set to bring the best parts of the women’s league to the big screens this fall.

Let’s start with MyWNBA: It offers a massive expansion over the WNBA seasons that debuted last year. Just like its NBA counterpart, this version is fully customizable in terms of season rules, game mechanics and more. Players can choose to organize an entire league or focus on a single team. They can even advance directly to the playoffs if they want. Want more MyGM feeling? Turn on some roleplaying mechanics to make things interesting. If you find a setting configuration that you like, you can share it online.

The real star of the show, however, is The W. Although not quite as full-featured as the NBA’s MyCareer mode, it has many of the characteristic elements that fans of the experience can expect. Your journey through The W begins with building a MyPlayer that can be equipped with a pre-built or scanned head. You then choose from well over a dozen archetypes, ranging from two-way playmakers to males. Design your player’s body type, wing span, and takeover, and you have everything you need to make the W your own.

This scenario will probably sound familiar to those who have enjoyed MyCareer in the past, but some might say that there are parts of the W that actually sound better than its NBA equivalent. One of these is the abandonment of VC-based progression in favor of MyPoints, which are earned solely through gameplay. If you score well in games, your statistics will increase. Athletes also have to focus on other tenants, such as personal popularity, WNBA popularity, wealth, and even the chemistry of teammates. Improving these aspects offers several perks. For example, players with a high level of teammate chemistry can earn a second hire. Players with exceptional popularity can unlock additional customization items.

Regardless of skill level, your player’s image can be enhanced by choosing from a list of five out-of-season and off-season jobs that complement your game on the course:

Coach: Promotes progression and team chemistry.
Entrepreneur: Promotes prosperity.
Global Symbol: Increases the popularity of the WNBA and personal popularity.
Fashion Icon: Increases personal popularity and prosperity.
Influencer: Increases the number of your fans.

By playing games and using jobs, you can create a WNBA star powerful enough to compete in both online and offline matches. The W Online makes things competitive with 3v3 streetball on a playing field designed to showcase the finest pieces of next-generation hardware. While it’s true that the W may not have the cinematic story and social center found in the NBA’s MyCareer mode, it’s at least a positive step forward for the WNBA in terms of representation in the world’s largest and best virtual basketball experience.

NBA 2K21 is now available on PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC and Stadia. The next generation version will be released on November 10th on Xbox Series X/S and on November 12th on PS5.

What are your thoughts on MyWNBA and The W? Do these new modes encourage you to try NBA 2K21 on next-generation hardware? Tell us in the comments section!


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